Thursday 4 September 2008

The Big Bang and Norse Cosmology

Over the last few weeks I have been doing work on a radical re-interpretation of the Norse Cosmology and how it ties in with contemporary scientific understanding of the creation and structures of the universe.

Here is one aspect of my work.

One of the biggest mysteries of science is what is called secondary inflation, the continuing expansion of the universe.

Here is the answer.

The Three Branes of our universe are the three forms of the three graviton waves that define the structures and form of the universe.

The Three Branes are the three different forms of graviton waves that produce Gravity, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Their are 9 branes in the 11 dimensional multi-verse each of which are different graviton waves.

Photons are particles that travel upon a graviton wave.

Therefore photons have their own unique existnce and dynamic as particles, but are also linked to the force that carries them - the graviton wave.

Dark matter and dark energy and gravity are also Photon carriers - the photon that is linked with gravity has a neutral graviton wave, and the effect of this neutral graviton wave is to create what we define as gravity when the graviton waves of photons interact causing a snarl of graviton waves which then causes the effect we define as gravity. This affects the photon which travels upon the snarled graviton wave, causing bending of light in high gravity (showing how a photon particle is affected by an interaction of graviton waves that cause gravity).

Gravity is a snarling of interacting graviton waves, and this snarl is the cause of gravity. The greater the density of snarls, the greater the density of the gravity, the more pronounced the effect upon photons trapped or passing through the gravity snarl.

Dark Matter is a photon that is carried upon a negative graviton wave - in other words it acts to attract the graviton waves of other dark matter photons with a negative gravity wave and they then clump together forming the effect of dark matter.

Dark Energy is a photon that is carried upon a positive graviton wave - in other words it repulses other the graviton waves of other positive photons and is therefore the force that is causing the secondary expansion of the universe.

It is the interaction of the gravity waves of these photons that defines the universe.

Gravity is in fact an aspect of the graviton wave that a Photon emitted during the creation of the early 1 Brane Universe 'surfs' upon.

The reason why gravity is weak in our universe is because the graviton wave that produces gravity is constantly re-entering the multi-verse via primordial black holes because as dark matter and dark energy enter our universe via those primordial black holes, gravity as well as energy and matter is being sucked back into the black hole and returned to the multi-verse itself where it first arrived from upon a 1 brane graviton wave.

All photons are particles that 'surf' upon a graviton wave. This is why light is both a wave and a particle - the wave is the graviton wave that a photon surfs upon, whilst the particle is the individual photon that surfs the graviton wave.

The graviton waves of dark matter, dark energy and gravity all interact with each other in different ways.

All the various forms of the graviton waves upon which the photon sits are linked together. A dark matter photon is linked with all other dark matter photons via the graviton wave upon which it sits. A dark energy photon is linked with all other dark energy photons via the graviton wave it sits upon.

The graviton wave of a photon emitted during the early universe is linked with all other photons emitted during that phase, and so are all the dark matter and dark energy photons released later into the universe linked with each other. They each have their own dynamic relationships as expressed through the relationships of the gravitons waves they each sit upon. They also all have a dynamic relationship with each other.

This then explains why gravity bends light, as the graviton waves of a 1 Brane gravity photon when they interact with each other cause gravity which then causes the photons which surf upon those graviton waves to change their behaviour due to the interaction of the graviton waves upon which they surf the universe. The bending of light by gravity shows that photons and gravity are linked, and that this linkage is due to the interaction between the graviton waves that carry those photons. These photons are the photons produced by the primary expansion of the universe and are the cosmic background radiation photons.

It is the Photon that is affected by the snarling of graviton waves, and this is why light is affected by gravity - the photon as a particle is affected by the interaction between the gravity wave it surfs upon and the gravity waves that the gravity waves it surfs upon interacing with other graviton waves, therefore we see Photons act in a visible way as a result of the dynamic interactions of the graviton waves that they surf upon.

When I use the terms positive and negative in relation to Photons, these do not relate to electrical charge but to aspects solely of the dynamic relationship between the various forms of the graviton waves that the various forms of the photon 'surfs' in the universe.

The photon relationships exist as a dynamic based on the interaction of the graviton waves they 'surf', and it is the interaction between the graviton waves that defines the dynamic nature of the photons themselves.

Photons that were produced as the part of the original 1 Brane universe are all subject to the laws of conventional physics, but the graviton waves of the photons of dark matter and dark energy are not subject to those laws as they are not derived from the original 1 brane universe.

The photons of dark matter and dark energy are themselves produced as an aspect of primordial black holes, for these black holes via Hawkings Radiation shed dark matter and dark energy photons and the dark matter and dark energy graviton waves into the universe.

The photons of Dark Matter and Dark Energy are themselves the two Branes, which along with the 1 Brane of gravity which forms the fundamental forces of our universe, which comprise the present universe.

In the first stage of the early universe the 1 Brane of gravity containing the fundamental forces of the universe was 'leaked' from the 11 dimensional multiverse of M-Theory - this leak was based on a cross over of the 1 Brane (gravity and the fundamental forces ) with the 2 brane of Dark Matter.

This instability in the flow of the 9 branes in the multi-verse caused by the cross over of the 1 and 2 brane resulted in energy from the 1 brane 'budding' out of the flow of the 1 brane in the multi-verse, causing the creation of our universe.

The energy which was released from the flow of the 1 Brane during the period of the instability of the cross over of the two branes in the multi-verse is the total amount of energy that was released in the early stages of our universe and which led to primary inflation.

The early universe was a 1 Brane universe, dark matter and dark energy were not yet present nor 'leaking' into the universe.

This is why the standard model explains why the universe was the way it was during the early stages of the universe but cannot explain what is happening now - what happened then to cause the secondary inflation that we see now in the universe is that the fundamental forces and gravity of the early 1 Brane universe then led to the creation of stars which then formed into black holes.

These black holes are the oldest primordial black holes in the universe, and these stars release Hawkings Radiation, which means they release Photons.

These photons released from old black holes are the photons of dark matter and dark energy, and each manifest their physical effects via the graviton waves they surf upon..

In other words the photons of the background radiation of the cosmological constant are the photons of gravity which 'surf' a graviton wave which is the basis of the fundamental forces in the universe and which have been present in the universe since the formation of the universe, whilst the appearance of dark matter and dark energy photons were leaked into the universe via primordial black holes and it is this 'leakage' via Hawkings Radiation that is responsible for the presence of dark matter, dark energy and the present formation of the universe and the continuing expansion of the universe.

Imagine the energy of the early universe forming into photons which are all linked to each other by the same graviton waves, but the photons themselves are individual particles. It is the graviton waves they surf upon which interact to form gravity. All photons are therefore linked by the graviton wave they surf upon and this also therefore explains the principle of non-locality and how information may be transmitted fatser than light in the universe.

Primordial black holes are 'doorways' into the 11 dimensional multi-verse and they leak photons of dark matter and dark energy and the graviton waves that define their nature from the 11 dimensional multi-verse into our universe as they absorb energy / matter from our 1 brane universe as the black holes decay.

Matter and energy which are aspects of the 1 brane from the multiverse that entered the universe during the primary inflation phase are returned to the multi-verse via black holes and during this process dark matter and dark energy leak, or are exchanged, into our universe from the multi-verse thereby stabilising the entire process.

What this means it that the end of the universe we exist in will occur when the last of the matter / energy leaked from the multi-verse into our universe is sucked back into the multi-verse via black holes, then this will be followed by the last remaining photons of dark matter and dark energy and this will then mean all the energy released during the creation of universe and leaked from black holes since then as dark matter and dark energy will all return to the multi-verse.

The universe we exist in will no longer exist.

But the fact that an instability occured in the multi-verse in the first place suggests that further instabilities in the multi-verse will occur again.

This means that our universe, or the conditions which led to the creation of a 1 brane univere, will occur again.

In Norse Cosmology this interaction between the three types of Graviton waves is defined as the Web of the Wyrd, and the three Norns are those who control this process and who define the interactions between the three strings of the three Graviton waves that form the universe.


Anonymous said...

Lee, wtf are you on about mate.

Defender of Liberty said...

Its quite simple really,

I am attempting to unite 11 dimensional M-Theory, 9 brane theory, the cosmological constant, gravity, dark energy, dark matter and the fundamental forces and link them with the cosmology of the Eddas and other Norse cosmological texts.

I hope that makes it clearer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think such a link needs to be made in the first place? I have no doubt our norse ancestors were clever people but they did not have a clue about microscopic particles. There would be archealogical evidence of measuring devices, metal telescopes, metal microscopes and much else besides, all pointing to a highly advanced technological society. Where are these items of evidence?

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool stuff. Perhaps enlightenment comes in more ways than meticulous theorization. those early Norse were pretty unique people know. St. Olaf.