Sunday 14 September 2008

The Day of The Queens

The Day Of The Queens.

It is the day of the Queens,
When a hushed hour invites,
The royalty of the Underworld,
To unfurl fragile wings and take flight,
For the sacred hour is now at hand,
And the ceremony must begin,
I watch as the queens crawl from the nest,
And then ascend upon the wind.

Even they dare to dream,
Whilst we remain rooted in our place,
They see the sun bright above,
And reach for infinite space,
Braving the winging, screeching mobs,
Of gulls and starlings, those hungry yobs,
That harry all who struggle aloft,
For daring to dream of new conquests.

No more dirt battles for inches of earth,
She slips the chain and escapes her birth,
For it is now that all she dreamt can begin
And new worlds await her and her loyal kin,
Just a forgotten inch is all she needs,
To build her fortress and become a Queen,
Such great ambitions in such a tiny form,
Is how all new kingdoms are born.

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