Wednesday 24 September 2008

Bankrolling the Banksters - saving their own necks

Image - Vote Labour, Vote Mugs

Wanna know why the US government and the Federal Reserve are going to spend hundreds of billions of dollars not on hospitals, health care or building an renewable energy system so as to ween the US off Arab Oil and pull the troops out of Iraq - its because the bastards that caused the crisis know that if the present systems fall then they will go down the toilet with it.

This rescue package is nothing more than the idiots subsidising their own future incompetence - because of this system collapses a real NATIONALIST alternative political movement will arise and sweep away the present corrupt order.

This money being stolen from the people is being used to keep the present system afloat nd to keep the present pack of bastards in power.

If this crisis causes the collapse of globalism and the collapse of US capitalism and the UK economy, then the public will demand a new political alternative to the present pack of crooks that ruin our nations.

The remember the 1930's when the public chose communism and fascism as the alternaives to capitalism - and they understand that the political movement that is required to save our nations is simply NATIONALISM.

In fact they have already begun the process of nationalism so as to benefit not the nation or the people, but simply the bankers and the political scum that caused the crisis in the first place.

The takeover of private banks by the US government and the UK government is NATIONALISM, the same system they have dspised for years.

Whilst they refuse to nationalise the water, electric, oil companies etc etc they nationalise the banks - I say screw the banks and the bankers.

Let them crash and burn - what we need is simply ONE bank in the UK that is run in the name of the people and that should be a BANK OF BRITAIN that invests in the new industries, infrastructure and maufacturing - instead of the French owning 18 % of our nuclear energy the British government via a BANK OF BRITAIN should be building them for the British people.

The only reason why Brown has sold our nculear energy stations is because he needs the cash to give to the banksters - so the British people lose out again so the bankers can be subsidised with British citizens money.

I hope the mugs who voted these muppets into power understand how they voted into power a Labour government that refuses to nationalise the railways but will give billions to the bankers.


What a bunch of utter mugs.

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Anonymous said...

Lee this really backs up what you are saying! Worth watching!

Anonymous said...

Lee, two more from the same man. In the first one he uses toilet paper to make his point!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Lee, Im a BNP member currently doing Economics/International politics at uni. Im wondering if you can provide me with any links to the current banking crisis that explain in depth what is going on, hopefully with some nationalist perspective in there.
I know you are busy, but I figured you must have some bookmarks stashed away somewhere!

Keep up with the great blog and thanks, Paul