Monday 8 September 2008

Time To Stop The Excuses

One of the most sickening aspects of Multi-Culturalism is the constant competition to find excuses for ethnic minority groups as per their involvement in educational underachievement, gun crime, knife crime etc etc

The latest manifestation of this is the report which seeks to blame that bogus mythic phantom of 'institutional racism' for educational underachievement of black children in schools.

The idea that the simpering, chinless, liberal drones that are vast majority of teachers are 'wacists' is so laughable as to reach a new height in absurdity.

Most teachers are the most gutless, grovelling, left wing, liberal idiots on the planet - in fact they are almost a new species amongst humans - Homo-selfloathing sapiens.

Multi-culturalism is the cult of excuses - its aim is to seek to find as many excuses as possible for the failure of groups to integrate or succeed, when the answer is simply NATURE.

Yes, thats right - NATURE.

Nature has made some groups more succesful in modern societies than other groups and this is due simply to natural differences between individuals and peoples.

For instance stick a middle aged white man in the middle of the Amazon jungle and he will not survive as long as the indigenous peoples of that area.

Stick a Black Zulu tribesman on an ice shelf with an innuit and the innuit will last longer.

This simple human dynamics, and the same goes for modern nations. Even though the white man and the black zulu can learn the culture to try and adapt, on the long term they will fail as the culture of the peoples they are living amidst will only go so far to assist them to survive - and then Nature takes over.

Those in the West whose ancestors created the cultures we live in now are able to adapt far easier to those cultures than those whose ancestors evolved in different cultures.

Culture is a manifestation of the people that created the culture - and aliens do not integrate or do as well in those cultures simply because they are aliens and also culturally different.

The link between culture and race is not just at the level of a social dynamic, it exists also a physical dynamic - in that culture affects outcomes at all levels.

The time has come to stop making excuses for educational failure by the racist blaming of the prevailing people and culture - for every time the lie of institutional racism is spat out by some brainwashed leftist drone it is in effect pointing at the whole of society, culture and all teachers and saying ' you are all racists'.

During the Third Reich the Nazis did the same thing with the Jews, they sought to blame a single people for all of societies problems.

Now the liberals do the same, and blame whites for all of our societies problems.

The lie of multi-culturalism is that all cultures and all peoples can be the same - when in Nature NO-ONE AND NOTHING IS THE SAME.

Multi-culturalism seeks to replace the organic realities of life with an ideological totalitarianism, that states that all failures of all peoples in a prevailing society are the blame of someone else.

We are constantly told that we are a multi-cultural society and that it is a succesful multi-cultural society - but at the same time we are stil supposed to make excuses for those who generation after generation fail to suceed.

I do not blame them and nor do I blame others for their failures - I see it as simply an aspect of the Natural Order.

The truth is that the failing black child in an inner city school is simply a failure of multi-culturalism itself.

Multi-culturalism just like radical islam has failed to undergo its own reformation and rennaisance - and is in effect still stuck in its dogmatic, dictatorial phase.

Multi-culturalism is just another fascist doctrine, a cult of extremists and intolerant liberal fascists whose methodology is to scream ' WACIST' with a trembling lip and a lisp, at anyone who dares disagree with the pronouncements of its little hitlers and little stalins.

Multi-culturalism is simply pathetic - a spiteful, insane ideology that makes no sense to anyone but its own fanatical adherents.

It struts around the political centyre stage like some jack booted tyrant barking its orders and issuing its death sentences on the reputations of anyone it pleases - and all those that resist are sent into a concentration camp of social marginalisation.

The time has come for the British people to grow a pair of balls and resist this monster, just as our grandparents resisted communism and the NAZIS.

Whilst British troops are facing and fighting the totalitarian monster of Islamism in Iraq and Afghanistan, the real totalitarian monster of multi-culturalism and its vile lackey Political Correctness are killing our freedoms and destroying our country.

I define all multi-culturalists as either criminals, traitors or cowards.

I hope one that we will hold a Peoples Court and judge these scum and that they all all feel the fury of the rope.

For the damage they have done to our country is far worse than the bombs of the Luftwaffe, the bombs of the IRA or the bombs of Al Qaeda.

The Nazis, the IRA and Al Qaeda never managed to impose and build a dictatorship on the rubble of our democracy - but the scum multi-culturalists and the advocates of political correctness have built a dictatorship in our country.

They have usurped our liberties, slandered our people, destroyed our democracy and through mass immigration allowed millions of aliens and alien cultures to colonise our country.

We no longer live in Britain - we live in a betrayed nation.

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alanorei said...

I quote here from a booklet published over 40 years ago, entitled Racial Difference in Mental Growth and School Achievement, by Dr R. Travis Osborne.

At the time of writing, Dr Osborne was one of the USA’s leading educational psychologists, with 30 years of experience in the field.
He said this in 1966:

“On group achievement tests designed to evaluate the degree of success in learning the basic subjects taught in public schools, the American Negro with rare exception is unable to keep pace with established grade norms. In most subjects the average Negro child falls behind the [normal] group at the rate of almost one-third of a grade per year, until by the time he graduates from high school he is in some areas four full years below the twelfth grade standard.”

In other words, by the time the average white pupil has reached the standard of Year Eleven in our system, the average black pupil will have reached that of about Year Seven.

That difference is as fixed as night and day. No amount of politically correct indoctrination about so-called racial ‘equality’ will change anything.

Except disadvantage the white Briton pupils, as is already happening.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that blaming racism for problems among black children is a lame excuse, I disagree that these problems are due to anything innate. I realize that "experts" base their conclusions on "research" but they lack the necessary experience within the targeted culture. These experiences explain the disparities. In America, pessimism is rampant among blacks due to negative attitudes passed down from the previous generation. I'm speaking specifically of "native born" blacks. This pessimism doesn't exist much in black immigrant populations here. This is likely the reason why African children do very well in many districts. Defeatism hinders progress. It appears that the black collective in the UK suffers from the same type of pessimism/defeatism. However, I can't understand why since their history doesn't appear to have been as brutal as it was for blacks in America.

I simply don't believe that things are so bad separate schools are needed. The proponents of these schools are implying that black children are unable to compete with whites.

I do not blame them and nor do I blame others for their failures - I see it as simply an aspect of the Natural Order.-DOL

Speaking as someone familiar with the culture and mindset, I blame them or their families for their failures. Nothing wrong with telling someone that they are their own problem.

The truth is that the failing black child in an inner city school is simply a failure of multi-culturalism itself.--DOL

And the reason why some black inner city children do well is?

alanorei said...

The 'Cultural Hypothesis' was refuted over 50 years ago. Veteran pyschometric and clinical psychologist Dr Frank C.J. McGurk documents numerous studies in Race Differences - 20 Years Later.

Some black pupils do well simply because they are at the upper end of academic attaintment, which is normally distributed. However, as Dr McGurk shows, there is a distinct and reproducible discrepancy between attainment means in favour of white pupils, irrespective of socio-economic factors.

It would be custom and practice in comparitive studies of this kind to filter out external effects that could introduce bias either way. I believe that this was done in the study I cited earlier.

Re: African pupils, Carleton Putnam reported in Race and Reality, p 113, that the majority were intellectually below American college level.

Putnam also reported studies that showed that black pupils in segregated schools in the South on the whole performed better scholastically than their counterparts in integrated schools in the North.

Naturally, these findings, backed up by experimental rigor, are anathema to today's social engineers.

I can testify to some personal experience of this subject, though not as a controlled experiment.

Nevertheless, having dealt with many black students, both overseas and home students from the UK, in the discipline of Chemical Engineering over a period of 26 years, I can say definitely that the vast majority consistently graduated in the bottom third of the class, i.e. on the whole below their Caucasian counterparts.

Our environment, at university level, was very much an equalitarian one. Social disadvantages did not apply.

Anonymous said...

The 'Cultural Hypothesis' was refuted over 50 years ago. Veteran pyschometric and clinical psychologist Dr Frank C.J. McGurk documents numerous studies in Race Differences - 20 Years Later.--AlanOrei

People believed many things 50 years ago. I won't deny that studies show different result depending on the group. What should be questioned is the assertion that these things are related to biology. For example, I used to tutor an Asian teen and I noticed a striking difference in how his parents approached his education. I found that to be the case with all of the Asian families I worked with.

I don't have any controlled studies of my own either. But what I've noticed over the years is that Asian and African immigrant students do the best (with few exceptions). White students have a range of performance, black middle class or suburban students show a range, blacks and latinos from the inner city are behind.

alanorei said...

Re: Asian academic performances. The studies cited such as the above also conclude that Orientals perform as well or better than Caucasians according to the testing methods.

That people believed many thing 50 years ago does not invalidate the studies cited, as indeed your comment suggests.

Putnam notes that immigrant students tend to be the upper echelon of any overseas student pool. Therefore, it would be expected that their academic results would be superior. However, he also cites a survey of 75,000 foreign students - 55,000 from Africa and Asia - which found that the majority were still below (then) US college norms.

Re: ranges of performance, as indicated, academic performance is normally distributed. What is significant is the consistent disparity between population means. When socio-economic factors are accounted for, racial distinctions are all that is left.

A controlled study is the only way to resolve matters objectively, because anecdotal evidence isn't sufficiently rigorous, even though it may give rough indications.

i.e. You would need to carry out such a study to rule out biology (or genetics) as a factor. No-one seems to have produced such a study yet (otherwise it would have been front-page news in the MSM).

Regrettably, responses to such controlled studies years ago in the US were sometimes anything but objective.

This is from The Dispossessed Majority by American author, Wilmot Robertson, published in 1981, p 294.

"Dr Arthur R. Jensen is director of the Institute of Human Learning at the University of California and vice-president of the American Educational Research Association. The Harvard Educational Review (Winter, 1969) was largely devoted to Jensen's statistics-studded examination of the inability of education to correct genetic differences in Negro and white intelligence. After publication, Jensen received an unprecedented amount of hate mail, including a few death threats."

No rigorous scientific studies ever emerged to refute Jensen's conclusions, however.