Thursday 25 September 2008

Whoops Apocalypse - bankster capitalism

For more info on the coming Second Great Depression watch this ;

Thanks to 'Odin' for the tip off on the clip.

But shuuush heres the real secret - THIS IS ALL PLANNED !

This is a manufactured depression so that America can dump the Dollar and impose the Amero.

This level of incompetence and profligacy is not accidental - this is the process that will allow to the US banksters to dump the dollar (and with it all the debt created upon the massive expansion of the dollar over recent years), impose the Amero and create the North American Union.

In the meantime the Banking Bolsheviks will be all enriched by the dollar / amero exchange as the tax payers cash injected into the system goes straight into their pockets.

In order to keep the Banksters in charge of the new economic model of the Amero they have to have a vast donation of capital from the government to inflate their banks accounts so that when the US government swops the devalued dollar for ameros, they can keep the same amount of money that have now as the devalued dollar will be swopped for ameros.

If you want to keep your bankster buddies co-operative and in charge in times of economic crash then their capital must be inflated so that when the dollar deflates they retain the same amount of money in their accounts as they do now.

The little man goes under, but the big shits always float to the top, even when the toilet is flushed - as usual.

So first deflate a little the dollar, create a small crisis, inject vast amounts of money into the system and target it at the banksters and then create a real crash.

The result for the banksters is that they mrely swop the devalued dollar for ameros -and are back where they started from in the first place.

I suggest that as a result of this crisis the dollar will be dumped.

The Second Great Artifical Depression of 2009 will lead to the dumping of the dollar, the creation of the Amero, the North American Trading Block and the ruination of Britain and China who have vast reserves of worthless dollars and who have become economic lackeys of the US economic petro-dollar recycling system.

The Arabs will be allowed to replace their dollars for ameros at no loss, as the US needs their oil and to maintain the petro-Amero recyling system, but the British and Chinese will be wiped out.

The UK will be dependent on US economic aid - just a year after we finished paying off our war debt from WW2 - and we will be forced to stay as the US financial wing on the shores of Europe.

Our only hope is that the TV tit sucking masses wake up and rise up - and that instead of the banksters and the political elite taking power again, a new order of nationalism rises from the rubble.

It is not time for reaction, it is time for REVOLUTION.

The capitalists will deploy their bought and owned red rabble filth on the streets to fight the nationalists, as the last stage in the crisis of capitalism is always the rise of the reds who are controlled by the capitalist media and funded by the capitalist establishment and organised in the capitalist universities, so this time the nationalists must understand that it is not the mob that is the enemy - it is the minds that direct the mob.

Reds are so stupid they still spout the bullshit that the last stage in capitalism is fascism - when capitalism is now wedded to political correctness and the servile estate. Corporate taxes pay for the servile state. The universities are funded by the corporations, the left wing academics and their research is sponsored by the corporations,the capitalist media that attacks the BNP is owned by the corporations -yet the dumb idiots of the left are so stupid they still follow the judas goat of socialism straight into the slaughterhouse of capitalism.

The media, the academics, the banksters and the politicians are the enemy - not the masses that are so conditioned and brainwashed they do only as they are told.

The majority of the masses are victims, brainwashed ciphers into which the views and beliefs their capitalist masters and their socialist lackeys wish them to think.

Think of the masses as slaves, and then realise that it is the slave masters that must be targeted and punished - not their victims.

Only when the hands on the levers of power are broken and removed, will the system stop running.

The fake revolution in the times of the breakdown of capitalism are always the red revolutions, as socialism is merely capitalisms little sister.

The real revolution is nationalism - as nationalists will and must smash the capitalist system and all the structures from the media to the establishment that form its operational mechanisms.

The greatest enemies of capitalism are nationalists - and thats why the capitalist media like the Times and The Sun attack the BNP and the socialist media like the BBC and The Daily Mirror and The Guardian attack the BNP.

The reds are in the pockets of the capitalists, the nationalists are the enemies of the capitalists and that why they attacks nationalists and not Respect, The SWP and UKIP and the rest of the farsical pseudo-political parties of this pathetic system.

The revolution that must arise after we take power is not to create the same system we have today - the revolution must be a new system and a nationalism based on principles not collaboration with the crooks and scum that created this artificial crash.

Only when the Capitalists are on the scaffold alongside the Globalists who sold out our nation to the New World Order, the International Socialists who are the lackeys of the capitalists and who use naive youth to attack nationalists, the agents of the Zionist International who usurp politics and the media to put the interests of Israel before Britain, British culture and British Jews and and the Islamist terrorists who plot to turn our nation into part of the global caliphate will our nation arise and be great again.

Their can be no comprimise with the criminals that created this crisis.

Prepare for the National Revolution comrades - work with our Nationalist Comrades all across Europe who will work with us to build EUROPA from out of the cesspit of the present order and system.

The Revolution has already begun - now comes the struggle for power.

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Harry J said...

Lee, I wouldn't be so sure about Britain and China being ruined. From everything I've read recently America is owned and controlled from the City of London. All of the machinations we're seeing now are steps along the road to World Government. China didn't suddenly develop overnight. Western corporations have readily transferred their businesses there. It's the safe haven for manufacturing while the rest of the world (particularly America) is plunged into turmoil. If you want to have a vision of the future the elites have in mind for us then look no further than China. Corporate capitalism controlled by an elite few at the top with the socialised masses at the bottom.

I wish I could agree with you about the BNP. To me it appears to be a useful foil for the 'anti-fascist' left. Divide and rule with unrest on the streets that will inevitably result in greater restrictions. If you think violence in any shape or form is going to win the day you're mistaken.

Yes we need a revolution but it needs to be based on peace, love, truth and justice. Mass noncompliance will win the day. They can't control us all. Yes there should be a nationalistic element to the revolution. It's a necessary bulwark against further attempts at global control. If handled and expressed in the correct manner it can even gain the support of ethnic minorities when they realise they have been used as tools to destroy England and that the people behind have similar or much worse in store for their place of ethnic origin.

Step 1 to bringing down the whole sorry system is banking reform. Take all control away from the private banks and allow the government to create it's own currency and lend it out interest free to it's citizens. Of course the flaw in that system at present is that we don't have a free and fair government. We have a permanent shadow government with a bunch of puppets fronting the show. That then is step 2; a transparent and fair electoral system which I strongly suspect should be devoid of all organised (easily controlled and subverted) political parties. I suspect that includes the BNP.

Defender of Liberty said...

Interesting comments Harry,

when the dollar is dumped China will be destroyed seeing as it has been given the dollar as the main currency for its exports for decades.

London is a parasite - the real controllers of the global economy are not nations but are rootless individuals whose loyalty is to their wealth and the elite they are within - nations are hinderances to the power of this elite which is why the globalists are neo-trotskyites who want to destroy all national borders.

The city of London is just a puppet - the puppetmasters rule the world with laptops and mobiles - not nations and governments.

As for the BNP - the rule is that the most despised party by the media in any political system is the one party they DO NOT control. Only those parties that are owned, run and operated by the system are allowed into power.

Just like paedophilies they groom those parties for power - all the ones they do not own are always the enemy.

Harry J said...

The dollar is only a bit of paper, it's not real wealth. China may struggle a little but I doubt it will be destroyed. All that is going on is calculated in advance.

Regarding the BNP this came to mind;

... four years later we see the birth of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, in Stuttgart Germany, the inventor of what would become known as the "Hegelian Dialectic." "For Hegelians," Antony C. Sutton reports, "the State is almighty and seen as 'the march of God on earth.' Indeed, a State religion. Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome"

Sorry but I still have major doubts about the BNP. The fact that Nick Griffin's father and grandfather were Masons and that he went to one of the two major centres of indoctrination into the system, Cambridge, doesn't help either. If the BNP is of assistance to our salvation then great but there's no way I'm going to rely on it.

Anonymous said...

This is relevant to the above!