Thursday 22 July 2010

The ACPO Political Pig Puppets

There are two types of coppers in this country.

There are the decent beat coppers who do their work to the best of their ability, fairly and with honour.

Then there are the filth who are in ACPO and the scum coppers who do their bidding.

The scum coppers are the ones who are attacking the EDL at demonstrations in order to provoke a violent reaction and hence allow the scum politicians to pass ever more laws to remove our rights, liberty and rights to protest.

The scum coppers are those who will beat, arrest and fit up people as they have been promised a pay rise, a promotion or peerage.

I respect the former.

I despise the latter.

Having seen the worst, and best, in the police I can speak with authority on this.

The more the corrupt cops serve the government and their own self interest, the more the people will hate the police.

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Andraste said...

I agree. Unfortunately however, the sinister, arse-licking, degenerate, sociopathic, self-serving, self-loathing rotting excrement that is ACPO are using the publics growing hatred of the police in general to sow reciprocal hatred for the public amongst the naive rank and file officers. They are conditioning the previously decent officers into believing that the streets are a war zone and everyone is against them; this way the officers are increasingly adopting an authoritarian and aggressive attitude.

This strategy is part the establishment agenda to control the people, and of course the police are now ever more becoming the establishment's fascist enforcers. Ultimately the establishment does not want a police force that serves the people, they want a police force that brutalises and controls the people. The days of the friendly bobby are over, and he has been replaced with by a uniformed brainwashed thug who is desperate to smash skulls.

I see fewer and fewer honest coppers, I see more and more state enforcers.

Anonymous said...

When the system goes police state and oppressive the only people it attracts are the oppressive brainwashed state goons and the useless.

Sooner or later it loses all credibility and respect.