Tuesday 13 July 2010

Indigocide - a definition

Indigocide is the destruction of an indigenous people and their indigenous culture via mass immigration and colonisation.

Genocide relates to a race.

Ethnocide relates to an ethnic group.

Indigocide relates to both an indigenous people and their indigenous culture.

Indigocide relates to multi-culturalism and its emphasis on colonisation as opposed to integrationism.

Indigocide is not an action undertaken by the government aiming at a direct extermination of a race or an ethnic group eg the construction of death camps or gulags, but relates instead to the actions of a government via their social, political, cultural and immigration policies that cause the indigenous peoples and culture of a nation to be marginalised and eventually disappear.

The fact that the Cockney language form of London will vanish in less than 30 years is an example of Indigocide.


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Anonymous said...

Heres one from the Royal College of Art Degree Show 2010

State of Exception

The project speculates on a near-future scenario where the increasing pressure to control immigration and the escalating debts faced by BAA will create the conditions for a new State of Exception in place of Heathrow Terminal 2 (demolished in 2009). This new legal infrastructure will appeal most to the unlikely combination of tax exiles and asylum seekers who unite in a collaborative initiative to build an independent state exempt from UK law.


every establishment institution is at it