Friday 23 July 2010

Zionist Channel 5

So Britains leading pornographer, the Jewish magnate Richard Desmond, has bought Channel 5.

Yet another Zionist takeover of the media.

The free press is now just an emanation of the Israeli foreign ministry.

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extant said...

Think optimistic Lee, because for every negative there is a positive; ying yang.
For instance, when the stock market is going down, people make as much money,if not more than it is going up,ie- Bad News spreads faster than good !
Also , negativity can rob you of your positive,natural creational skills..and believe it or not shorten your natural life span

So from now on, I want to see you reporting and thinking the positive out of every negative aspect of your life, especialy what your good at.

Every time you are confronted with a disaster, you will draw positive action from it.


Anonymous said...

Want to know how pro zionist comments dominate some articles from the Daily Mail to the BBC...

Several thousand pro israeli comments can be left with ease. Why cant we organise to do this as nationalists??

Anonymous said...

sorry that is the whole article

Anonymous said...

never watch it

ch 5 was a sleaze cheap channel before he bought it...just going to be more media filth to rot our culture , people