Saturday 24 July 2010

Boycott KFC

Halal is animal cruelty.

Those that eat halal food are complicit in its cruelty.


If one of these KFC outlets is near you then stick a few posters up in the area with pictures of halal butchery and demand people do not go into KFC.

At KFC we listen to our customers to help us to evolve our menu and the choices we offer. For some time, we have received requests to provide Halal food in parts of the UK and as a result of this, we are running a Halal trial within communities where we anticipate a strong demand for Halal products.

We launched the trial in the following stores:

* Accrington - BB5 1W
* Alfreton Road - NG7 5NH
* Arndale FC - M4 3AQ
* Baker Street - W1M 1FH
* Barking - IG11 8EB
* Barlow Moor Road - M21 8AU
* Beckton - E6 6LG
* Bethnal Green - E2 0AH
* Bishopsgate - EC2M 4NQ
* Blackburn - BB2 3HQ
* Bolton Derby St - BL3 6HX
* Broad Street - RG1 2AP
* Burnley - BB10 1DY
* Burton on Trent, Burton on Trent (Drive Thru) - DE14 1YD
* Cape Hill - B66 4PH
* Chertsey Road, High Street Woking - GU21 5AJ
* Colliers Wood - SW19 2RE
* Collindale - NW9 6LP
* Colne Drive Thru - BB8 9HH
* Court House Green - CV6 7NS
* Croydon Central - CRO 1RY
* Derby, Derby, (Drive Thru) - DE24 8EY
* Dewsbury - WF12 8EF
* Earls Court - SW5 9RF
* Edge Lane - L13 1AA
* Edgware Road - W2 1EB
* Edmonton - N18 2XA
* Elk Mill, Manchester (Drive Thru) - OL2 5HX
* Festival Heights - ST1 5NZ
* Finsbury Park - N4 2AA
* Forest Gate - E7 8BA
* Fulham - SW6 1NF
* Gatehead Metro Centre FC - NE11 9YZ
* Govan, Helen Street - G51 3HD
* Hackney - E8 1EJ
* Halifax, Halifax (Drive Thru) - HX3 6AD
* Halifax, Halifax (Restaurant) - HX1 1HA
* Handsworth - B21 9SU
* Harrow Road - W9 2HT
* Harrow Weald - HA3 6HE
* Heaton Chapel - M19 2RF
* High Wycombe Drive To - HP11 1FY
* Hounslow West - TW4 7DJ
* Hyde Road - M18 7AA
* Ingleby Road - BD8 9BH
* Junction 27 - WF17 9TB
* Junction 9 - WS10 9QY
* Keighley DT New - BD21 3NJ
* Kilburn - NW6 7HY
* Kingsheath - B14 7BH
* Lea Bridge Road - E10 7DN
* Leeds Meanwood - LS7 2TT
* Leeds Road - HD1 1AX
* Leicester High Street - LE1 4FP
* Leicester MSA - LE4 3LH
* Leicester St Georges RP - LE1 1SG
* Leyton - E10 5QN
* Leyton Mills - E10 5NH
* Leytonstone - E11 3DA
* London Road, Peterborough (Drive Thru) - PE2 8AR
* Luton - LU3 3LZ
* Manchester Fort - M8 8EP
* Meadowbank - EH7 5TS
* Merry Hill - DY5 1SY
* Newport West - NP20 2NN
* Northampton, St James Retail Park - NN1 1EE
* Old Kent Road - SE15 1JS
* Oxford (Express) - OX4 1JJ
* Paddington - W2 1RL
* Peacocks, Foodcourt (Woking) - GU21 6GB
* Perry Bar - B42 1AA
* Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow (Drive Thru) - G41 1PS
* Preston Deepdale - PR1 6QY
* Queensmere - SL1 1DG
* Renfield Street - G2 1NH
* Rochdale Kingsway, Manchester (Drive Thru) - OL16 5AF
* Seven Kings - IG3 8RQ
* Seven Sisters - N7 6AG
* Sheffield Arena -S9 2DD
* Sheffield Queens Road - S2 4DL
* Southall - UB1 1SU
* Stoke Newington - N16 7JD
* Stratford - E15 1NG
* Streatham Restaurant - SW16 1PG
* Teesside Park - TS17 7BQ
* Tottenham Court Road - W1P 9PA
* Tottenham Hale - N17 9FR
* Tower Hill - EC3N 4EE
* Tyrell Street - BD1 1RU
* Union Street - BS1 3DD
* Upton Park - E13 9AR
* Wembley - HA9 6AH
* Wakefield, Westgate Retail Park - WF2 9SD
* Walthamstow FC - E17 7JR
* Whitechapel - E1 7QX
* Wood Green Restaurant - N22 6DS
* Yardley - B25 8UX

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Anonymous said...

Past a KFC in Oxford St

the whole area teeming with Immigrants , Muslims..

It looked third world

I have written numerous complaining about serving up this suffering.. and profiteering from it

Anonymous said...

You guys are sick, you are happy to kill animals in your way and torture them to death happily but if some one halal them and eat them then its cruelty. Just racist biggots . Huh!

qill said...

i don't think you know the benefits of eating "halal butchery" (as you called it) meat. not only it reduces the pain of the animals but the meat lasts longer because the blood drained out so they don't go bad quickly. it's a win-win situation and i don't have anything to complain. now don't rebutt me saying it still hurts the animals. if you electrocute them, it will still be hurting them. so go be a vegetarian or something. their purpose is to ease our lives and as our source of energy. one way or another, humans will have to kill them. "halal butchery" is the least painful method (unless you wanna eat carrion). do some research and think about it for a minute before you go on blabbering and asking people to do a demonstration like an uneducated person. thank you =)

Anonymous said...

Stop this religiuos crap No to Halal! Its against my christian religion to eat shit! I refuse to eat halal and I refuse to eat in kfc!!! KFC is an American restaurant and the only one that is not halal! Stop going up islams ass, enough of this shit! stop the fucking islamisation of the world!!!!!!!!