Saturday 24 July 2010

Bradford Labour Party Slum Landlord Councillor Convicted

Here we see the success story of New Labour.

An immigrant is allowed to settle in the UK.

They buy up property and become rich.

They rent that property out to other immigrants.

They allow the property to become a slum and still make money from it.

They become a labour councillor on the housing committee and adored by the PC Brigade as an example of an immigrant success story, but whose wealth was built from exploiting white Eastern European immigrants.

I bet he is not expelled from the Labour Party.

He might play the race card.

Looks like Malikism will become the new Rachmanism.

Councillor landlord fined over Liverpool slum housing

Jul 23 2010 by Marc Waddington, Liverpool Echo
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Councillor landlord fined over Liverpool slum housing

A MASSIVE fine landed on a company which rented out “rat-infested” properties in Liverpool lead to the resignation of a housing committee chief – in Bradford.

Premier Housing, based in the West Yorkshire city, was hit with penalties and costs totalling £39,180 over the state of houses in Laburnum Road and Holt Road, Kensington.

A director of the company, Cllr Rizwan Malik resigned his role as chairman of the Bradford’s housing committee and is under investigation by his own Labour party leaders.

The flats above a shop in Holt Road housed Eastern European immigrants who spoke little English. The properties were found to be infested with rats.

The walls were daubed with graffiti, the fire alarms did not work, and kitchen and bathroom fittings were in disrepair.

The company’s website claims it is “committed to providing quality rental properties that are fully maintained at all times”.

When contacted by the ECHO, Cllr Malik, 32, said: “I’ve been advised by the leadership team that I’m still under further investigation and questioning so I can’t really make any comment at this stage.”

The property at Laburnum Grove was found with windows found to be cracked and nailed shut, the fire alarms did not work, electrical defects were rife and there were problems with the water supply.

The prosecutions were brought under Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) legislation by the council’s housing market renewal team. The Holt Road flats are in an area due to be redeveloped under the Pathfinder scheme.

Cllr Malik would not confirm when his company had bought the property, but housing market renewal areas have seen high levels of speculation – where properties are bought up cheap ahead of the council buying them for demolition at higher ‘market value’ – since the policy was announced by the Labour government in 2002.

A huge ‘Vote Labour’ poster appeared in the window of one of the properties just after the General Election was called in April this year.

Kensington ward Labour Cllr Louise Baldock said the council was right to get tough, adding: “We are delighted that this action has been taken. We want our residents to live in good quality housing and support any measure to improve homes.

“I believe we should take every form of action against any landlord who breaks the law, irrespective of who they are or what party they are from.”

Lib-Dem leader Cllr Warren Bradley called the case an “absolute disgrace”.

He added: “He more than anyone should understand the impact of not keeping a property in a good state of repair, to be hit with such a large fine for this offence, must beg the question, what were the conditions of the properties.

“The Lib-Dems in Liverpool introduced the landlord accreditation scheme, which is starting to have an impact, and in time will hopefully see rented accommodation improve to a standard we would all expect to see.

“Unfortunately it took a while to get the buy in of the registered social landlords and the private sector, but we saw it as a tool to weed out people like this.”

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Anonymous said...

Many asians have made it in this country simply by buying up houses and letting them to their large families.
It's so easy, you didn't even need a deposit. Money for old rope.