Thursday 22 July 2010

Tea with the Queen - No Thanks

Our Queen has shook hands, wined and dined and bestowed medals on some of the worlds worst scum.

Whilst British war heroes are given well deserved medals by the Queen, at the same time she has cheapened those medals by awarding knighthoods and peerages to some of the worlds worst dictators and criminals

From Mugabe, George Bush to Tony Blair, the worlds most despicable war criminals, tyrants and general filth have all shared a cucumber sandwich with our dear Queen and been given a nice medal or two.

Banning Nick Griffin whilst fawning over Blair and Bush shows she has lost the plot. The Queen is a political puppet and always has been.

She has remained silent over our national betrayal since she took power.

I once happened to shake hands for politeness sake with a person who later I found out was an real evil little criminal bastard.

The moment I shook his hand I felt sick, it was as if he was giving off an aura of evil that I could feel.

It took me about two weeks to cleanse myself of its presence.

I dread to think what vibe I would get shaking the Queens hand, as she has shook hands with people whose crimes involve everything from treason to genocide.

I would not have tea with the Queen.

We are not a party of the Establishment.

We must not join the Establishment, our job is to smash it and replace it with a new Nationalist and Patriotic Establishment to replace the present one filled with politically correct cowards, fops and traitors.

I am not a monarchist.

Sure the Royals are great for the tourists and should be allowed to retain their retinues of insipid crawlers and lackeys.

But as for the old motto of 'For Queen and Country', well thats not my motto.

Queen and Country = Government and the State as far as I can see.

I support the British people, the British Constitution and the British Nation.

I do not support governments or the servile state.

Nor do I support those whose sole claim to their wealth, social status and lands is that they were the one sperm that managed to find the egg.

I believe in a meritocracy, and anyone who is stupid enough to be a social climber or who fawns over some idiot just because they have a title deserves nothing but contempt.

The fact is that the aristocracy and royalty gained their wealth, land and power by stealing it from the common people.

The Norman ancestors of the British aristocracy made Robert Mugabe look like Mother Theresa the way they treated my Anglo-Saxon ancestors.

Their wealth is stolen, their lands are stolen and their hereditary titles are based on murder, genocide and robbery.

I respect only those who have earned my respect.

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Red Squirrel said...

Well put Lee!

Anonymous said...

Indeed they operate under Colour of Law, of which it is Commonly said: for so under colour thereof pretended titles might be granted to great men, whereby right might be trodden down, and the weak oppressed, which the common law forbiddeth

For as by the authoritie of Littleton, discretio est discernere per legem, quid sit justum, that is, to discerne by the right line of law, and not by the crooked cord of private opinion, which the vulgar call discretion.

extant said...

More Clarity, please copy and paste !
Compliments from D-

Al Scott said...

Bronze in, Griffin out!
Are the spooks playing the divide and conquer game with the BNP leadership challenge?

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee, But I fear Phil will be along shortly to tell you we should focus on potholes rather than expose the corrupt system and how it's all interwoven.

expecially seeing as Labour and the Tories cannot do potholes and other trivial matters?

Phil will lead us to greater things!

Mr Fox said...

"Well, I don't want any. I'll bet those grapes were sour anyway."

Trev said...

I also think the Royals suck. This Queen has said nothing while under her rule Britain has been gutted of industry, flooded with aliens, seen horrific crime rise and become idle. Her rule must go down as the worst ever. I hate her. She sucks moose! Yeah the Royals may be good for tourism but so is Disney in the USA. By the tourism rule of thumb shouldn't Mickey Mouse be their Head of State?