Sunday 18 July 2010

Give him a Medal

One of the side effects of liberalism has been the feminisation of manhood, Britishj culture and the way our military operates.

An enemy will not attack you if they fear your retaliation.

We invite attack when we are weak.

The Gurkhas are a masculine culture.

When you got to war, then you go to war to kill your enemy.

When politics and diplomacy have failed, and the only option left is force, then that force must be swift, deadly and sufficient to destroy the enemy quickly and with as much collateral damage as possible.

THAT MEANS YOU FIGHT WARS - you do not negotiate, capitulate, back down or impose pathetic politically correct rules on soldiers you have sent to KILL THE ENEMY !

The role of a soldier in war is to kill the enemy - they are not social workers in uniform.

The Gurkha soldier did his job.

The whinging scumbag liberal assholes in the media attacking him are also doing theirs, as they are traitors whilst he is a hero.

Give him a medal, a platoon and send him out to win the war that the gutless bastard politicians started, but who are too cowardly to stop or fight properly.

We need men leading our army, not pension and peerage chasing career soldiers with loads of gold braid and medals, but no guts, balls, back bone or brains.

A Gurkha soldier has been flown back to the UK after hacking the head off a dead Taliban commander with his ceremonial knife to prove the dead man’s identity.

The private, from 1st Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles, was involved in a fierce firefight with insurgents in the Babaji area of central Helmand Province when the incident took place earlier this month.

His unit had been told that they were seeking a ‘high value target,’ a Taliban commander, and that they must prove they had killed the right man.
Deadly: A platoon of Gurkhas demonstrate their skill with their kukri knives in a training exercise, after it is revealed that one of their regiment chopped off the head of a Taliban fighter in order to find proof of ID

Deadly: A platoon of Gurkhas demonstrate their skill with their kukri knives in a training exercise, after it is revealed that one of their regiment chopped off the head of a Taliban fighter in order to find proof of ID

The Gurkhas had intended to remove the Taliban leader’s body from the battlefield for identification purposes.

But they came under heavy fire as their tried to do so. Military sources said that in the heat of battle, the Gurkha took out his curved kukri knife and beheaded the dead insurgent.

He is understood to have removed the man’s head from the area, leaving the rest of his body on the battlefield.

This is considered a gross insult to the Muslims of Afghanistan, who bury the entire body of their dead even if parts have to be retrieved.

British soldiers often return missing body parts once a battle has ended so the dead can be buried in one piece.


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* Three more British soldiers die in Afghanistan, taking death toll to 321
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A source said: ‘Removing the head in this way was totally inappropriate.’

Army sources said that the soldier, who is in his early 20s, initially told investigators that he unsheathed his kukri – the symbolic weapon of the Gurkhas – after running out of ammunition.

But later the Taliban fighter was mutilated so his identity could be verified through DNA tests.

The source said: ‘The soldier has been removed from duty and flown home. There is no sense of glory involved here, more a sense of shame. He should not have done what he did.’

The incident, which is being investigated by senior commanders, is hugely embarrassing to the British Army, which is trying to build bridges with local Afghan communities who have spent decades under ­Taliban rule.

It comes just days after a rogue Afghan soldier murdered three British troops from the same Gurkha regiment.

If the Gurkha being investigated by the Army is found guilty of beheading the dead enemy soldier, he will have contravened the Geneva Conventions which dictate the rules of war. Soldiers are banned from demeaning their enemies.

The Gurkha now faces disciplinary action and a possible court martial. If found guilty, he could be jailed.

He is now confined to barracks at the Shorncliffe garrison, near Folkestone, Kent.

The incident happened as the Gurkha troop was advancing towards a hostile area before engaging the enemy in battle.

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, said: ‘In this case, it appears that the ­soldier was not acting maliciously, but his actions were clearly ill-judged.

‘The Gurkhas are a very fine regiment with a proud tradition of service in the British forces and have fought very bravely in Afghanistan.

'I have no doubt that this behaviour would be as strongly condemned by the other members of that regiment, as it would by all soldiers in the British forces.’

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: ‘We are aware of an incident and have informed the Afghan authorities. An inves-t­igation is underway and it would not be appropriate to comment further until this is concluded.’

The Ministry also revealed yesterday that four British servicemen had been killed in Afghanistan in 24 hours.

An airman from the RAF Regiment died in a road accident near Camp Bastion in Helmand and a marine from 40 Commando Royal Marines was killed in an explosion in Sangin on Friday.

A Royal Dragoon Guard died in a blast in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand Province yesterday. The fourth serviceman also died in an explosion.

The British death toll in the Afghan campaign since 2001 is now 322.

Afghan troops trained by the British Army recently led a major operation into a Taliban stronghold.

It was one of the first operations organised by the Afghan National Army.

Regiment’s proud symbol of valour

The iconic kukri knife used by the Gurkhas can be a weapon or a tool. It is the traditional utility knife of the Nepalese people, but is mainly known as a symbolic weapon for Gurkha regiments all over the world.

The kukri signifies courage and valour on the battlefield and is sometimes worn by bridegrooms during their wedding ceremony.

The kukri’s heavy blade enables the user to inflict deep wounds and to cut muscle and bone with one stroke.

It can also be used in stealth operations to slash an enemy’s throat, killing him instantly and silently.

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extant said...

I asked the man to give serious consideration of changing our policies to allow the Gurkas the right to join a few years back. His hands were obviously tied.

the Gurkas and their proud heritage and historical role in fighting for our country, makes them poorly equiped to be a part of tretcherous Britain.This is why I believe there was such moves by the Establishemnt to block their right to stay in Britain.
Because when it kicks off and kick off it will, they will fight and die for us.

What a man, I wish I could send him a few kind words to show him what we think of him.
the man, like his ancestors is a Hero.


extant said...

Here is the new head of operations at Afghanistan for Britain, she has bigger balls than any fib/con/lie Traitor scum bags !

Watch this, you will piss your selves :o)

Wolfblood said...

We need to become like the Ghurkas, Lee.

Let our enemies fear our retaliation.

As I've always said - 'they' only do it to us because we let them.

Anti-Globalist said...

When the civil war kicks off in Britain it is unlikely that we will be wearing uniforms. It will become a war in which ones racial appearance is ones uniform, even if it begins as a reaction to radical Islamists.

I shudder to think of what that implies regarding the Gurkhas and their descendants who are unrecognisable from the also formidable Pashtuns we have here in droves.

Lee is right that our soldiers should use the tactics of brutality to scare the enemy. However we should not be fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is none of our business.

Why is it acceptable for nationalists to use hostile language against Islam when they are scared to use it against the Jews?

Imagine if we had our troops fighting Jewish terrorists in Israel (once again) and a Gurkha cut one of the Jews' heads off?

Some of the most rabidly anti-Islamic nationalists will have difficulty comprehending that idea!

Meanwhile our culture owes much to the influence of Zionists - all to our fatal detriment. It is not for nothing that our hostile elite are called "the culture distorters".

Anonymous said...

"This is considered a gross insult to the Muslims of Afghanistan, who bury the entire body of their dead"

Its a good job he isnt their dead then, just an insurgent fighter and an enemy of afhani muslims right!?

extant said...


I have my reservations of becoming a Gurka, I do prefer phyisical contact without the need for Weapons.
There is nothing more satisfying than driving your fist into something bad.
It is almost like playing music,(creational and self satisfying) I play the Piano and organ quite well too.
Maybe when the time comes ill change my mind and perhaps my weapon will be metal too; a patato peeler :O)

Think of it as music .