Saturday 3 July 2010

Finally - a good rock track

Finally a British rock band release something that impresses, especially the Pixies / Nirvana style rock drumming and guitar work at the end of the track.

Get them a top producer and this band could be massive.


Death by Diamonds and Pearls by Band of Skulls ;

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extant said...

and in contrast, a beautifull song by whitey.
I must be getting old :O)

extant said...

Whitey again, dont kick a gift Horse in the mouth mind, cos this shit is getting rare-;o)

Anonymous said...

Pretty good, needs a proper producer to tighten things up and to get the band to up their game, though track was well engineered for sound. several takes may be needed if the raw talent is not there to pull it off live, guitar and drums were a bit sloppy, though drums were quite inventive and were at least trying, the bass was well played but lacked imagination and prominance which left the track sounding repetative and a bit basic/amature, would also I would have liked the lyrics to expand a bit, they were OK but a bit simple and not really making much of an impact, but certainly some talent there in the style, mainly the lead singer and the groove itself and impressive engineering, though so inventive use of echo would help.

`Band of skulls` also sounds a crap name!

In short 6-12 more months rehearsal, a better producer, more imput on the lyrics and a change of name. still better than 90% of the crap we currently get.

just a decent producer alone could probably make this a hit.


Anonymous said...

Hi lee, checked out another song `friends`.

Again not bad at all style wise but same comments regarding the sloppy playing still stand, in fact this time the drummer who was at least trying on the last track is about as unimaginative as can be, I had to check he was still awake and hadn't slipped into a coma? and the guitarist is using heavy distortion to cover a lack of real talent and drive from the rest of the band and himself, a common trick which sounds unoriginal unlike the song styles which are quite good.

In short they have a talent for writing songs and the lead singer is pretty good as he has his style which is likable, rather than any great range, so top marks for originality which is so sorely lacking these days but other than that they don't even surpass a pub band for musicianship!

What they badly need is a `real` lead guitarist then the current one can be left with rythm/fill duties which would help flesh out the sound and make it more interesting as they play off each other. it would also cover for the lack of skill with the other members without dumping anyone, which may other wise kill the magic.

Again bass lacking imagination - may as well not be there! drummer half asleep and holding the song/band back and guitar crude - song good, might be enough to carry them with a good producer, if i were their producer id tell them to grab a guitarist quick them come to the session!

Skrewdriver said...

I've heard some of those coloured chaps have pretty good rhythm...