Tuesday 6 July 2010

The Government is our ENEMY

The people in the governments who conspired with the Islamists are traitors.

Our government is the enemy as much as the Islamists.

When we deal with the Islamists we must also deal with the inner traitors at the same time.


British collusion with radical Islamist forces, including extremists who provided training camps for the leader of the 7/7 London suicide bombers and who are fomenting the insurgency in Afghanistan, has had a catastrophic impact, according to an account of British policy in the Middle East and central Asia.

Writing in the Guardian, Mark Curtis, author of Secret Affairs, says: "The terrorist threat to Britain is partly 'blowback', resulting from a web of British covert operations with militant Islamic groups stretching back decades. And while terrorism is upheld as the country's biggest security challenge, Whitehall's collusion with radical Islam is continuing."

He adds: "Declassified government files reveal that planners recognised their Islamist collaborators were anti-Western but entered into marriages of convenience to achieve short-term objectives." The past is returning "to haunt British policy in Afghanistan, and British soldiers along with Afghan civilians are paying the highest price for this blowback," he says.

Successive British governments have secretly connived with militant forces linked to al-Qaida to control oil resources, overthrow governments, and promote Britain's financial interests, Curtis writes. The policy of covert support was first applied to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, encouraging it to overthrow or assassinate the country's Arab nationalist president, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The 7/7 bombings were largely a product of British foreign policy because they were derived from a "terrorism infrastructure" established by a Pakistani state long backed by Whitehall and involving Pakistani terrorist groups, Curtis says.

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extant said...

I've had enough mate, I have to speak.

I currently have a few legal issues that are of a serious political nature ,these obsticals are milestones for me and my family and would if I were to come out of the National closet to soon , (could be seriously interfered with ) it could as many other Political opponents have already witnessed forst hand damage me on a horrendous scale .
They are to be finalised with the forthcoming weeks.
Soon as these are over and the Political fascist filth are unable to circumvent the process ,I am going to send you some serious recoding's of myself telling our people how It really is.

I can do Pat or may other great speakers, but I am more of a strategic, calm manipulator; expect chapters ;o)

I have an urgent duty and so does every other Briton to speak up and be counted NOW ,as a matter of absolute necessity over the terrifying , imminent future about to unfold before our very eyes, the destruction of everything that we hold dear.

I add, is in its last throws.

I can assure you mate, I am a professional spokesman and I wont do it half measures either.

Keep that audio ready mate, I getting warmed up.

Lord T of Wales ;o)


Anonymous said...


The above link backs up what you say Lee.