Thursday 8 July 2010

Ashley Cole - Racist - Complain to the FA and PFA

The FA and PFA have attacked the footballer Wayne Brown who played for Leicester for saying in a private club meeting that he voted BNP.

Leicester sacked him and he had to change clubs.

The FA and PFA made endless media comments attacking Wayne Brown for his private political beliefs in a democracy.

Yet the FA and PFA have done nothing to punish Ashley Cole for his comments the day before he flew out to join the England team in the world cup where he said ;

" I hate England and the fucking people ".

The comments from Ashley Cole were reported here ;

Ashley Cole launched a foul-mouthed rant about England and its 'people' days before flying out to the World Cup to play football for his country.

The message - which read 'I hate England and the f***ing people - was sent to friends from the Chelsea defender's Blackberry shortly before he boarded a flight to England's pre-World Cup training camp in Austria.

The 29-year-old posted it as his status message - alongside a picture of him sunbathing topless - allowing all those designated as his friends to see it.

Read more:

and also here ;

It is time that Nationalists made formal complaints to the FA and PFA over the racist and racially abusive comments of Ashley cole.

The comments made by Ashley Cole were disgraceful.

He insulted and racially abused the English people as well as England.

Taken in the context of the rise in race attacks in Scotland against White English people, who are the largest number of victims of racism in Scotland according to the Scottish government, then Ashley Coles comments have to be regarded as a serious breach of the rules of the FA and PFA.

The comments relate to the English people by Nationality, ethnicity and race.

If he had said 'I hate Scotland and the fucking people' then the press, FA and PFA would have been all over him - but the media did not demand his sacking - and nor did the FA and PFA who demanded the sacking of Wayne Brown for his private comments.

E mail the FA and PFA here ;,

and make a formal complaint of racism to the PA and PFA against Ashley Cole.

E mail them and demand an investigation and that disciplinary action be be taken against Cole for his comments.

Ashley Cole should never play for England again.

For a player on the English team to say he hates his own country and people is disgusting, and is it any wonder the England team were so pathetic in the world cup when you have arrogant, idiotic, chip on their shoulder, spoilt little prats like Ashley Cole allowed to play for the team.

The FA and PFA are anti-white racist organisations whose emphasis on 'racism' relates simply to calling people racists if they want to stop the endless numbers of foreign players coming into Britain to take British football jobs.

The decision of the FA and PFA to ignore the comments of Ashley Cole, but to attack the comments of Wayne Brown, reveal that the FA and the PFA are a corrupt institution who are racists themselves, as they appear only to attack and target racism directed at non-whites whilst ignoring racism by non-white players.

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Anonymous said...

The FA is no doubt another NWO front like the WWF and all the other international shit.