Tuesday 27 July 2010

No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish

For far too long white liberals and marxists, organised Jewish groups and organised black groups themselves have exploited Affirmative Action for their own benefit, the liberals to undermine American nationalism, the Jewish groups to undermine WASP society in order to empower their own community and the black groups simply for personal gain.

Note the words above which were reputed to be a sign on the doors of hotels in Britain.

In the debate on race, the real racists always ignore the fact that the White Irish Catholics were as much discriminated against as the blacks.

No-One ever mentions the plight of poor, white Irish people in Britain who suffered as much racial discrimination as the blacks.

The whole issue of racial discrimination when mentioned in the context of that sign on the doors of hotels, is only ever directed at the plight of the blacks affected by it and never the plight of the Irish affected by it.

There are no affirmative action plans for the Irish British people living in Britain and who suffered discrimination the same as the blacks did - the people whose plight is recognised and publicised are the blacks, never the Irish.

The same thing occurred in America.

The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite that ran America treated the poor whites even worse than the blacks.

Owning a slave was something only the rich whites did.

A slave was a 'luxury item' that was the privilege of only the wealthy.

Owning a slave was the equivalent today of owning a Ferrari sports car, it was the privilege only of the rich.

And the rich were only White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and a few black slave owners who had grown rich from selling black slaves to whites.

The poor white Irish, Italian, Welsh and Scottish Catholics in America at that time were not slave owners - they were slaves themselves working as indentured slave labour alongside black slaves for the WASP elite.

The KKK despised and killed Irish Catholics as much as they killed blacks.

Yet there have never been affirmative action plans for poor whites - why ?

Because the idiot liberals, the Jewish groups and the ethnic minority groups were all out to advance their interests and not the interests of FAIRNESS.

Talk about reparations for slavery is always a black issue - why arent the descendants of poor, white catholics allowed to demand reparations for the socio-economic injustices that have resulted in their descendants remaining in the lowest social classes and living in the same poverty as blacks ?

Why are Jews still able to use affirmative action plans when they are amongst the richest and most successful and over represented community in America ?

Why are rich, middle class blacks able to still claim affirmative action privileges when they are rich and middle class whilst poor, working class, whites cannot ?

On every level affirmative action is a racist ploy to undermine the cohesion of American society, to peddle racial grievances in society that only marxists and liberals benefit from and to deny social justice to those poor working class whites who have suffered far more than blacks have in America.

The blacks are suffering in America today due to their own community failures based on family breakdown, having children outside of marriage and because of the spread of gang and bling culture. Their plight is nothing to do with whites or slavery. It is a product of their own community dysfunction.

The corporate media though try and hide this, whilst politicians are dependent upon the the media to get elected - so such issues are not aired.

If you mention something the Jewish community do not want mentioned, such as their over representation in the media, politics, Hollywood and finance, then you are called an 'anti-semite'.

When you mention something the black community do not like, such as crime, the vast numbers of rapes of white women by black males and single parent family numbers and children born out of wedlock that increases poverty and hence social failure in black children, then you are called a 'racist'.

And so the only people who the media can racially abuse and racially denigrate are whites, as whites have no 'word' to define the racists who attack them on the grounds of their race or a word to define the racial discrimination against poor, white, working class, Catholic, Irish, Italian communities etc who are all lumped together into the racist class of 'Whites'.

The video with Pat Buchanan here makes some good points, but note how the journalist has an agenda when debating the issue - this is because he is just another media idiot with no understanding of the complexity of the issue.

The idiot public listen to idiot media pundits and then believe their idiocy as fact.

This is how the media reinforces stupidity, by peddling stupidity as fact when in reality it is merely opinion.

Watch the Pat Buchanan video here ;


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British Taxpayer said...

Lee, I know that you're reading my comments, even if you're not posting them up for others to see.

Care to tell us who's preventing you from getting a job? So... is it the blacks? Or the Jews? Or perhaps they're all in a secret cabal with the muzzies -- all set on preventing you becoming a contributing member of society. That's it, isn't it Lee?

Anonymous said...

Lee, your links rarely work.

Inserting them into any search engine almost always either doesn't connect with the proper link or supplies one back to this website.

extant said...

Why are Jews still able to use affirmative action plans when they are amongst the richest and most successful and over represented community in America ?

Ill tell you why and how mate, they have a proper Nationalist idiology and network.

Unlike our pathetic exsistance to live to cheat another of our own.

Only serious open seige against whites will provide us with the tools to identify our own,even then the will be vast parts of the population that will not be able to draw a conclusion of the same identity and culture.
The second choice is to help our own in mass, to show them the deliberate premeditated failings of their representives in power is an epidemic againt us and we are the ones who will always support them. !their own kind !


Anonymous said...

The Chinese are white.

Rijker said...

The freaks always turn up spewing shit when you tell the truth and fuck up their twisted little world, Lee.
Kep up the good work ;-)

Anonymous said...

Want to know whenever an article in any paper with regard to the holocaust or Israel appears that hundreds of pro israeli opinions, or green arrows appear?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megaphone_desktop_tool
You see they are organised as an ethnic lobby, the indigenous Brits arent.

extant said...

Anonymous -

I have some serious personel admiration for Chinese people, from lots of first hand expierence of them.
Caucasions split as a Race from the Orientals 45000 years ago, they are our first Ancestors.

A very close friend of mine is married to a Chinese girl, he is one of the Regional S Wales party organiser's for the BNP.

Your worn to death, pathetic, I have a badge "BNP is a Racist Party", I'm real fucking bored with it.
I'm so bored with it,when someone asks me, "are you a Racist then" , I always tell them yes ,in fact I am, just to get on to the next subject.
I was thinking of getting a badge . I bet you people wouldnt even give it a second glance.