Friday 16 July 2010

The Death of A Sock Puppet

Image - a graphic crime scene photograph of the sock puppet I killed yesterday.

Note the advanced state of rigor mortis and the stunned look in its cold, dead eyes.

Yeah man, you come into ma hood and you better be ready for war, mother f***er.

I will kill yo sock puppet ass - FOOL !

I am happy to announce the death of a sock puppet.

Yesterday I killed the sock puppet that sought to steal my name and misuse it for its own nefarious purposes on the British Democracy Forum.

All ye sock puppets, hark and listen.

It shall be the fate of all such sock puppets that mess with Barnes the Merciless in future.

I shall track thee down and smite thee from the face of the earth.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I should coco Lee, too many people think they can get away with impersonating people on forums, or, even worse accuse them to others of doing something they havent. So, all those morons who THINK they know EVERYTHING about someone, but know f**k all take note.
It doesnt pay. Literally.