Thursday 8 July 2010

Muslims or Islamists ?

The governments anti-Terrorism strategy is based on the proposition that there is a difference between Muslims and Islamists - but if this is true why does the government treat Islamists the same way it treats Muslims ?

Take the case of Abu Hamza today, who the European Court of Human rights has said cannot be sent to America.

Hamza according to the government is not a Muslim, he is an Islamist.

According to the government Islamists are not Muslims but criminals and political extremists.

Yet when he was in Jail Hamaza was treated like all the other Muslims in prison with kid gloves.

If there truly was a difference between Islamists and Muslims, then Hamza would not be treated as a Muslim but as an Islamist = and would have none of the rights and privileges that Muslims get in prisons.

The government tells us all the time that Muslims and Islamists are different, and then treats Islamists as it treats legitimate Muslims.

Islamists do not have human rights.

They are not Muslims, and also do not have religious rights.

The government says they are criminals and political extremists, and yet orders the police, prison service, courts and judges to treat them as Muslims.

This double standard is completely at odds with their own propaganda that Islamists are not Muslims.

So can someone explain why it is the criminals in British prisons like the Muslim Boys who are a criminal gang, Islamist terrorists and others are allowed to be trated as Muslims when they are not Muslims ?

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Anonymous said...

I don't recall the European Court of Human Rights rushing to the aid of Gary McKinnon - do you, Lee? Funny that, eh?

Anti-Globalist said...

What is "Islamist" really supposed to mean? It looks like what is meant is simply "terrorist". There is something underhand going on calling terrorists "Islamists". Islam is the religion that Muslims follow. Islam is a complete way of life - not just a hollow label. So how can any Muslim fail to be an "Islamist"? Religions are supposed to guide the adherent in everything they do, otherwise the adherent is not in fact adhering to that religion at all.
"Moderate" Muslims are what is known as "Coca Cola Muslims" - and they are Westernised and have lost their faith. The establishment wants all Muslims to be materialist consumers, slaves they can control and make a profit from. They fear fundamentalists primarily for this reason.
The racial reason for disliking Muslims is another matter entirely and is just about physical replacement of our race, not opposition to Islam as an anti-consumer culture ideology.
There are millions of "Coca Cola" Christians as well for that matter. I wonder what is the Christian equivalent of the Islamist?

Anonymous said...

The false definition was a deliberate wordplay deception strait out of orwell, the NWO puppets spend a lot of time rebranding things to be as deliberatly confusing and manipulating as possible.

This reached insanity levels with the last goverment and will be set to continue with this, it is often enforced by force, therefore it gains ground.

It is a sign that the country has officially been driven insane by pure abuse and brainwashing.

Defender of Liberty said...
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Defender of Liberty said...


That was a great comment, and its good to meet you, but the laws in the UK are such that I cannot publish the comment.

In Britain the laws are so tight that anything that even seems slightly controversial can have you arrested, so I have to ensure this blog stays legal and remove comments that may even infract the law even slightly.

Hope you understand,

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