Monday 19 July 2010

The Big Society = Killing The Welfare State

The idea of the 'Big Society' is nothing more than a pernicious attempt to portray and propagandise the most deep and devastating cuts into Welfare State as somehow 'handing power back to local communities'.

What we are witnessing is the dismantling of the Welfare State to give the money to the bankers who fund the Tory Party.

The ultimate extension of the idea of handing power back to communities is anarchy.

This is about diverting money to the bankers, its not about democracy.

This is nothing more than a way to obscure cuts in public services as a somehow 'devolving power to people and communities'.

When any government talks about 'devolving power', they are in reality talking about cuts in public services.

There are in fact four state systems in Britain.

The first is the International Welfare State with the IHS (International Health Service) and its internationalised medicine, internationalised welfare system with universal benefits for all immigrants and entrants to the country, internationalised housing system that puts the interests of aliens before the indigenous and the internationalised education and economic system that wants millions of cheap labour in the country.

The second is the Servile State - that evil, mewling monstrosity spawned by liberalism and political correctness. This is the state that forces the people to serve it, rather than it serving the people. This is the state that shuts schools and hospitals rather than cut the Foreign Aid budget. This is the race relations industry and the Health and Safety idiots etc etc.

Then we have the EUropean Union State which serves the interests of the EU and which seeks to destroy our British culture, laws and traditions with its laws, regulations and directives that usurp British and common law. Those that serve this beast of the EU are as traitorous as the globalists.

Then finally we have the British National State which serves the interests of Britain and the interests of the majority of the British people. This is what a real democracy should reflect, which is power exercised for the the benefit of the majority, not minorities.

The British National State is the smallest, least funded and least cared for.

That has to change.

Cameron has chosen to not cut the International Welfare State, the Servile State or the EU State, instead he has chosen to cut public services for the majority and keep funding the criminal and immoral traitor state systems that operate within the body of our nation.

This why the Big Society is a joke.

Because it does not restore power back to the majority, and instead, leaves the minority of traitors in place to control us.

Cameron is a fool and a traitor.

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visualiser said...

I would suggest that this 'big society' nonsense is actually about cutting jobs in the public sector and getting voluntary groups to do those jobs for free. It won't work. Furthermore, putting housing plans in the hands of those that dominate the housing sector in inner city areas spells even more heartache and disaster for the white working class (if you know what I mean).

Will Mossop said...

It is interesting to note Cameron's photo opportunity today.
Eric Pickles, "former" communist, and Phil Redmond, left winger and extremely poor screenwriter responsible for a large amount of the cheapest social manipulation propagandist trash of the "liberal" state over the past twenty years.
But hey, if those who persist in voting Conservative because their family always has done feel they are connected to these people in any way then they deserve all the ills that befall them; may they be many.

extant said...


Why are you not putting your name up for the leadership ??


Anonymous said...

well said Lee and in light of the fact that we have no other credible intellectual in the party other than Nick, i would like to see you as the future leader, yes it is time for a working class hero, scew what they make of your accent.

extant said...

Here you have it, "Marx theGodfather of mass Genocide"

As we have recently discussed, push it down their throats-

International Socialists ,Lib/lab/con mass murderers-

British Taxpayer said...

Still worried about getting your benefits slashed, eh Lee? You may not let my comments through, but I know you're reading them.