Thursday 22 July 2010

Peter Tatchell and the Queers

There is a difference between homosexuals and queers.

Queers are like Peter Tatchell.

They are political activists who hide behind and use their homosexuality to attack and undermine society.

Queers are political activists.

They use their homosexuality by politicising it and then using it as a 'battering ram' to attack our society, which has been weakened by media conditioning and politically correct propaganda.

I have worked with and known many decent and honourable homosexuals over the years.

I have always got on well with them as individuals, primarily as not one of them was a queer.

A homosexual is simply a person who wants to be treated as an equal and with respect as we all do, whilst a Queer wants to be treated like they are your master.

Queers think heterosexuals are scum.

A queer will use their sexuality to get a job they dont deserve via affirmative action and positive discrimination.

A queer wants to force society to remake itself in their image and under their command, whilst homosexuals just want to be treated with respect and equality.

A queer thinks it is acceptable for them to have sex in public toilets or in public spaces, whilst homosexuals simply regard their homosexuality as a private thing and not for public display.

Queers make me sick.

I despise queers not for their sexuality but for their politics and activities.

I live in a village and even in my village the activities of queers can be seen.

Go into the local toilets and the queers regularly graffiti the toilet doors.

This is not harmless graffiti though, asking for the usual names, cock sizes and telephone numbers with pictures of enormous (and anatomically impossible) dicks as we see in every male toilet (which is perverted as they know children use them but not criminal).

This is graffiti from scum asking for people to text them child pornography, asking for young boys for group sex and asking for school kids to text and contact them for anal sex.

These queers in my village are total criminal filth.

Queers are also the same scumbags that drill holes in the toilet cubicles so they can make a 'glory hole' and either watch other men using the toilet or use the holes for for oral sex.

Along with junkies, who spray the walls with blood as they jack up, I despise those queers who have sex in public toilets.

The fact they have sex, and ejaculate over the walls, the floors and the toilet seats, is a disgusting thing to do.

I have no problem where any male inserts his penis, just as long as its in fucking private and not in public.

I dont want to use a come splattered toilet frequented by queers who think it is acceptable to daub child porn graffiti on the toilet walls and door.

No child should have to enter a semen splattered toilet haunted by predatory child molesting queers and have to read such depraved filth.

Our society has been terrorised by these political queers for far too long.

Whilst society rightfully treats homosexuals with equality and respect, that does not mean we as individuals or as a society have to tolerate the politics of queers nor their disgusting and irresponsible sexual acts in public toilets.

Queers are the enemies of all decent homosexuals.

Most people are unable to understand the difference between queers and homosexuals.

Therefore they hate homosexuals when the problems are the product of queers, not homosexuals.

It is sick queers like Peter Tatchell who want to lower the age limit so grown men can rape school children.

Tatchell has already stated that he has paedophile friends whose sick acts have been inflicted upon children.

Tatchell is an apologist for paedophiles.

It is time the homosexual community spoke about the queers who are causing the hatred against homosexuals.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting and indeed accurate definition of the difference.

I new a tutor of mine who was a Communist party member,he new Black activists, campaigned for everything PC/anti- , enjoyed SM sex and Died of AIDS...

extant said...

Brilliant !

Now thats real Clarity for you, please Sir can we have some more :O)

Anonymous said...

Tatchel and Shariah