Tuesday 13 July 2010

Predators 2010 Film Review

The film is total shit.

The Mexican dies first, then the black guy, the white nazi redneck has a tattoo of his naked sister on his chest and enjoys cocaine and rape, the nice white doctor is really a mad serial killer and the two Jews, Adrian Brody and the female IDF sniper, are the only ones alive at the end.

Yep, Its another Zionist Hollywood wank fantasy to follow Inglorious Basterds.


Even the predators are idiots.

Whats the point of hunting human beings armed with rifles and guns that cannot penetrate the predators armour and most of the time the predators are using a cloaking device so the humans cannot see them.

It has the same sort of 'honour level' as Arnold Schwarzenneger killing kittens with a chain gun because they have dangerous, nasty, scratchy claws or the IDF bombing Palestinian blind, disabled, wheelchair bound old men such as Sheikh Ahmed Yassin who are civilians in Gaza from an F-16 jet.

There aint no honour in that sort of 'hunting'.

Perhaps the next instalment of the franchise should be 'Predators Versus The Care Bears'.

Save your money, get a pizza.

0 /10

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Al Scott said...

I fell asleep watching a pirate version of Predators downloaded from the pirate bay.
I won’t bother watching it again.

Take an extended lunch break and watch “The Human Centipede”.


It’s the marmite of movies.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ah yes, the film that finally proves that the movie industry is filled with sick fucks.

What with Polanski the Perve and Woody 'I fuck my adopted daughter' Allen and the rest of the degenerates what a sick fucking hell hole Hollywood is.

Burn Down Hollywood !

Anonymous said...

Now theres a surprise