Tuesday 6 July 2010

Marijuana, Cancer and the Corporations

Sacking people for using a drug prescribed by their doctor for pain relief is a sign of a sick society.

When I had cancer I was given morphine and if I was given a drugs test I would have failed it, as morphine is a derivative of heroin.

Marijuana is criminalised as it is a PREVENTIVE medicine as well as a pain killer, anti-spasmodic and anti-emetic etc etc.

The medical and drugs companies do not want marijuana legalised as marijuana prevents cancers from developing and spreading in the first place ;









Marijuana does not cause cancer, it stops it ;


This is why tobacco is legal, because it causes cancer and hence raises profits for the drugs companies, and Marijuna criminalised, as it stops cancer and hence lowers profits for the drugs companies.

Marijuana is a medicine that anyone can grow in their garden - as opposed to toxic, manufactured man made chemicals made in factories and sold via chemists or issued via hospitals for vast profits.

The medical corporations only profit when people get cancer and then need their treatments that are for sale.



The video here show us how sick the present system of anti-marijuana laws are ;


If you have cancer or have had cancer then smoke or eat marijuana.

It will save your life.

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Anonymous said...

Lee I think we have been here before, While i am not so concerned about sick people using the drug, do the research and if it is proven a valid method them damn well use it, but again let us not get too carried away as many non smokers started smoking through the used of cannibis, and that certainly isnt healthy, I just dont want to see blanket statements without also countering with the very real risks involed, another one appears to be increased mental health problems.

But by all means get the debate out in the open an have a full investigation into the pros and cons and deal with it in a mature and balance manner, rather than rah rah rah on what could be the positives.

perhaps the idea is in that it can make s many people less productive and could also lead to a calling for all drugs to be decriminalised, which would wreak havok with the drug money the state makes peddling illicit drugs to fund their illegal opperations.

So in short I am open all suggests but sway towards caution after seeing it wreak family members and hense their families lifes through it's demotivational aspect.

yes that is a separate issue from sick people, but all angles need to be adressed.

Anonymous said...

Is marijuana the same thing as cannabis? Doesn't cannabis often lead to mental health issues/schizophrenia? Also, wouldn't the disadvantages of SMOKING marijuana outweigh the advantages that you refer to by somehow ingesting it? Doesn't the act of smoking anything increase one's likelihood of developing cancer in the first instance?

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is a company like walmart(asda?) testing people for drugs? WTF, So they now own the staff!

It's not like they are flying planes and such!

What next? tied accomidation!

Or bussing and tied state accomidation, oh i see the UK already have plans on that front!

Anonymous said...

And it helps (?) glaucoma suffers I think Lee...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee I see Nick has wrote an interesting piece `2014 deadline`.

It is reasuring to hear him clearly address some of the issues we have been raising on this blog for sometime, regarding the NWO and its methods, It was clear Nick knew all along but seemed reluctant to expose it, some could say it was the right move to keep the NWO low profile, but now is most certainly the time to shout it out loud and clear and Nick seems intent on doing this, let us hope that Nick will be concise when dealing with such matters and not hedge round the issue.

Nick said one thing here and that is people, we need people, and more people, just incase the message was not clear enough, and again I would like to come back to my membership fee proposals of dropping it to £10 with gold raised and life raised.

We are heading for economic collapse, and we need NUMBERS.

UKIP said they were free to join, not sure if we need to go that far, but it does give us something to think about, would 50,000 free members donate more in funds than 14,000 high paying members?

This needs to be looked at and the current fee certainly is far too high given that now we have online donations, in fact if Nick announced a drop in subscription fees we would get a higher number of re-subscribers still, many peoploe ask me about the BNP they seem interested in joining, they ask how much, I tell them, they say - I AINT PAYING THAT!

£10 - £20 std membership max is what MOST people are prepared to pay.

The diehards and most commited can become gold or donate more if they wish, in fact if nick raises gold and lower STD it does not look like a cheap super sell off but a rescaling, for the good of the party with a focus on members rather than money, though i feel if judged right the money will increase, through numbers and donations, BUT YOU HAVE TO GET THEIR FOOT IN THE DOOR with a low entrance fee, or you cant hand them a beer and a burger!

Many of whome are also interested in action days and social gathering but because the get stumped by the membership fee they simply walk away.

I have seen it many times, that is the future you are allowing to walk away into oblivion.

Defender of Liberty said...

Good comments folks;

1) Cannabis is marijuana - and the ONLY cancer risk with cannabis is smoking it with tobacco.

2) The mental health issues with cannabis relate to people with pre-existing mental conditions, or a genetic tendency to those conditions. Drinking with a mental health issue, tranquiliser usage etc etc all trigger mental health issues. Those people should not use cannabis.

3) I stand for not legalisation or de-criminalisation - I stand for REGISTRATION which means those people with a health condition who would benefit from using cannabis should be licensed by a doctor to grow their own - as is now done in 14 states in the US.

4) the issue with illegally grown cannabis is that it is not the right strain for the right illness. If it was allowed to be grown by people for specific conditions then it would be much more safe and efficient as a medicine.

5) Controlling the sale and supply of cannabis would undermine the illegal drugs market and allow the state to target criminals not the ill.

Anonymous said...

Marijewuana lowers sperm counts and saps motivation levels. The fact that you are recommending something that causes infertility and lowers motivation as well as causing paranoid delusions concerns me, Lee.

Nationalists need to be highly motivated and highly fertile. We should be encouraging drug use only to our enemies. (See how the Muslims get white girls hooked on drugs for details. The Muslims know what drugs are REALLY for. Drugs are weapons to destroy the lives of your enemies with.)

Getting your enemies hooked on drugs is one of the ways to conduct modern 4th generation warfare.

Defender of Liberty said...

HA HA HA HA read the article.


They just want to live !

Cancer is the most demotivating thing on the planet - as it fucking kills you mate !

The article states that people with cancer or who have had cancer should use cannabis to stop the spread of the disease, which the science shows is correct.

Infertility and paranoid delusions are what those who know nothing about cannabis should suffer from and do suffer from - we need less idiots on the planet so those anti-cannabis idiots should not have kids as they are suffering paranoid delusions about cannabis peddled to them by the corporate media.

Grow a fucking brain and do the research for yourself on the anti-cancer properties of cannabis instead of talking a load of old bollocks peddled by the drugs companies and government.

Cannabis isnt a drug it is a herb and a medicine.

Alcohol and tobacco are drugs - not cannabis.

More people are hooked on fags and booze, tranquilisers, chocolate, porn and anti-depressants than cannabis simply as cannabis is non addictive (except to people with mental health issues like the pissheads and smokers who cant quit as they have mental problems or addiction problems related to their mental health ) - so get a fucking grip and wake up man.