Saturday 24 July 2010

The Doomsday Option

It is apparent that the way some of the supporters on all sides in the leadership election are acting, that none of them care for the party or the future of British Nationalism.

It appears that supporters on all sides are motivated by hostility to each other, personal hatred and petty spite - and that few are acting in the interests of the party or the movement that they profess to serve and respect.

I understand that there are already whispers of people setting up a new party if they fail to win the leadership election or if certain suspended activists are removed from the party.

The only people who will benefit from the setting up of a new political party or purging existing members from the BNP are the enemies of British Nationalism.

The BNP is the ONLY political party that has the political clout to compete in the electoral process.

Any new party will appear, fade and vanish as quickly as Robert Kilroy Silks 'Vanitas' (or was it Veritas ?).

Veritas had the benefit of a well known and well off leader.

Any new political party will have neither money nor a figurehead leader, and it will have to compete in elections against the BNP, NF and UKIP and thereby split the nationalist vote even further into impotent salami slices.

Those who say we need a new party to stand against the BNP, NF or UKIP in local, general and european elections are either idiots or working for the enemy.

Nick Griffin has announced that by 2014 he will leave the BNP to work on European projects.

That means by 2014 we have to have a whole new leadership ready to take over from Nick, and this leadership has to be elected solely on their merits and not as a puppet of any faction.

Note that I said LEADERSHIP as opposed to leader.

We need to have a team of people ready to run the party and not just a new leader.

We do not need a new 'leader'- what we need is new 'leadership'.

At the same time as we have a new leadership and leadership structure we will need a new party constitution and a whole new internal party structure developed to ensure the party can operate under this new leadership model.

No-one can run the BNP the same way that Nick Griffin does.

No-one in the party has the decades of experience of Nick nor his charisma and media skills.

To expect any new leader to run the party the way Nick does is not just unfair, it will be impossible.

I have the utmost respect for the courage of Nick Griffin.

Everywhere he goes he is recognised and at risk of attack.

This is an unfair state of affairs for anyone to have to live with, especially a family man with children.

Therefore the moment Nick resigns we must have a new leadership who will immediately change the internal party structure to ensure that party can continue to operate without Nick at the helm.

This means rather than power in the party remaining centralised around just one person, the powers exercised by Nick must immediately be devolved down to an Executive Council whose role is then to scrutinise and agree on party policy, finances, appointments etc by debate and consensus.

The role of the Chairman in such a new internal structure would simply be to cast the deciding vote in any internal decision making process in the event of any vote not having a majority.

The Chairman would be elected by the Executive Council and his / her powers would simply be to ensure the decisions of the council are taken properly, all relevant information is made available to the council and that officers tasked with responsibilities given to them by the council are fulfilled properly.

All decisions must be made on the grounds of a simple majority vote amongst the Executive Council.

Regional Organisers should be appointed by local members not by a single person. All appointments must be verified and approved by the Council.

Officers must be appointed by the Executive Council on the grounds of merit and proven loyalty to the party.

Candidates must earn the right to stand as candidates by demonstrating over a two year period their commitment to both the party and their communities before they are allowed to stand as candidates.

At the same time the entire financial, decision making process and appointments of officers must be 100 % transparent to members of the Executive Council, officers and members of the party.

We do not need just a new leader, we need new LEADERS.

If people in the party think that after Nick resigns that anyone else in the party can do the job Nick does, then they are wrong.

Nick is the only man who can do Nicks job.

That is why when he resigns the entire party structure, leadership and constitution have to change to recognise this.

That is why any new leadership has to be elected on a platform of change in order to abolish the present powers of the leader and undertake the revolutionary internal changes required to allow the party to grow and prosper in the post-Griffin era.

The only leadership this party requires, are the ones with the brains to realise that we do not a new 'leader'.

The more trusted officers who have input into a decision before it taken, the better that decision will be.

The role of the leaders elected after Nick retires is to devolve power down to an Executive Council.

Any leadership / leader that is elected after Nick resigns and who seeks to retain the powers of Nick and the present constitution, is not a fit person to lead the BNP.

Such vanity and ego will lead to its own Nemesis.

We therefore have to accept that the true leaders of the future are the ones who understand that true leadership comes from the example one sets to our own people and the party, and it is NOT the ability to issue orders and demands to people.

In order to lead others, one must first lead by example and so lead the way for others to follow.

The actions of some of the supporters of the leadership election candidates and also the supporters of the present leadership challengers have been nothing but disgraceful.

These idiots on all sides are as bad as each other.

All have damaged the party and the movement by their actions.

Therefore such people have demonstrated their unfitness for any leadership role in the party, either before or after Nick leaves.

I have read that some of these supporters of Nick want to 'purge' the supporters of the leadership challenge from the party, and thereby create a disgruntled group of people who will go off and form a new party to compete against the BNP.

Other supporters of the other challengers have said that if they lose the election they will flounce off and form a new party to fight against the BNP and split our vote, and hence ensure we cannot win elections in the future.

The ONLY people who will benefit from a purge or mass defections are the enemies of the British people, British Nationalism and the British nation.

The BNP must not split and there must not be any purges.

In 2014 Nick will be dedicating himself to the essential role of building a Pan-Nationalist Network of MEP's in the European Parliament.

This 'Alliance of European Nationalists' will seek to form a voting block in the EU in order to promote their European Nationalist principles.

This is an essential development within the EU.

I do not know if there will be any purges from the BNP by the supporters of Nick.

I do not know if disgruntled members will walk away from the party.

I hope not on both counts.

But if either events happen then I have a proposal to ensure that the interests of the British Nationalist movement are not damaged.

Tomorrow I will detail what these proposals are.

If the Doomsday Option arrives and a purge or mass defections begin, then the struggle for our people and nation is over.

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extant said...

The secret to success is working as a united team, through complete organisation to respect and loyalty.
Anyone attempting to split or divert any efforts, should be absolutely barred from the movement, now and forever.

Think of CP , their cheif policy, as any other organisation is clever, organised untited force.

Look at the Jews and learn. They are only as successful as they are, because of their undivided identity and unwavering choice of unity through business to blood!!

64 Nobel Prizes. Is that enough evidence for you ??

If I witness anyone trying to split the work that Nic and the others have done, I will make it my Job to make sure everyone remembers them well.


Defender of Liberty said...


I cannot put that comment up.

I cannot accept that anyone be purged from the party - as all sides have been a disgrace, therefore each are as bad as the other.

Any purges will create a split and hence force them to form a new party.

That must not happen.

What has to happen is that they all sense.

Putting up comments that focus on one group or which hasten that split / purge will not be put up.


Anonymous said...

Lee, i like Nick. I think he's a brave man who has done wotnders for the party but if he really is the 'best man for the job' then isn't the struggle for our people and nation already over? What is your take on why there is such a dearth of talent in the party? Is it because high-calibre people have too much to lose by joining us?

Defender of Liberty said...

1) they believe what the media tell them about us

2) they fear losing their jobs

3) being in the BNP is a high stress environment, so people argue and we lose activists

thats why real change is needed not just a new leader, to ensure each is addressed.

Anonymous said...

If Nick Griffin was the right man why is the party so divided?

Defender of Liberty said...

All parties are divided.

The issue is how we work together in the future, not pissing about like a bunch of egotists.

Andraste said...

Lee, I don't see how those who have stated their intention to leave - should their leadership challenge fail - could ever remain happily in the party after the leadership election. I am not saying anyone should be "purged" or whatever, I just don't see how such obvious antagonism can ever be reconciled. I would be interested to know your thoughts on how harmony, or at least co-operation, could be acheived.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say but those changes are needed to be NOW and Butler says he will bring in 90% of those.

No way can the BNP carry on for 4 more years as it is.

If a party is divided that is the leaderships fault and a sign that people want change.

What we have now is a leader and leadership who is on its last legs and are trying anything possible to stay on. The breach of the constitution regarding nominations is appaling and sends out the wrong message.

Time for change.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) discipline

2) seeing the bigger picture

3) acting like grown ups

4) think ABOUT what will happen if we fail..

5) play the long game

Failure is not option

Defender of Liberty said...

I have explained that ;

1) the time is wrong

2) the challengers are not the right people

3) the challenges have been run wrongly

4) the proper preperations for change have not been put in place

any leadership change is pointless unless we first have a change in the consciousness of the membership and then the entire constitution and the leaderships mindset.

Andraste said...

I agree in theory with all your points. However, it is evident from the behaviour of some in the rival campaigns that they cannot live up to these principles.

It is this contradiction that seems to lie at the heart of nationalism. And to be honest, there are some who - although they claim to be nationalists - don't care for the bigger picture if they are not getting their own way; they would rather see the BNP destroyed if they cannot be a big player in the party.

The real politik dictates that in order for these principles you stated (which I agree with) to be acheived then those who contradict them must be controlled or, failing that, they must be expelled.

But I think what is happening now in the party is that a period of painful growth is occuring, and come what may, the BNP organism must pass through this stage to mature. Once we have matured then structures that better such principles as discipline will naturally follow.

This is a natural process, a necessary process. And it may well be that some leave (from whatever side), and if so then that is the will of the gods.

extant said...


1) discipline

2) seeing the bigger picture

3) acting like grown ups

4) think ABOUT what will happen if we fail..

5) play the long game


Thats more like it mate, thats the people we should be and represent.

164 Nobel Prizes, not 64 ;o)

I boxed from when I was 10 years old until I was 16 full time, when I was 15 I was Welsh and British Schoolboy Champion. Everytime I got in that ring, I had more nerves than the other fighter, in fact I was so worked up, I used to sweat before I got my gloves on.

When I won the British Title , I stopped my apponent in 43 seconds. I won because I was emotionaly conditioned that made me train harder, I was the one frightened unknown underdog , not the champ. I was ready for all out War to the death.

I was propogated emotionally and physically by my Father, he deliberately put the shits up me to train harder to face the monster,for me to win.
If you have seen 300, that was something like my upbringing :O)

Emotional conditioning is absolutely vital for survival;freeze,flight or fight.

I'm hard wired to follow the latter, however many or the vast majority of our comrades have been conditioned for the first.

We can trick them to be winners ;o)

The Jews are also the masters of propoganda !

Defender of Liberty said...

Someone asked on the BDF forum 'who elects the chairman and the Executive Council' - well thats bloody obvious isnt it - THE MEMBERS.

The members when Nick resigns will either elect someone to replace Nick with the present constitution and the same powers as Nick, or they elect the Executive Council with a mandate replace the present constitution with a new one.

The way to remove the Executive Council is to undertake an Leadership challenge - if the Executive Council lose then they all resign and the new leaders / leaders take over with their mandate for change.

Its not rocket science is it.