Sunday 4 July 2010

The Equality Act, Foreign Aid and Killing the Welfare State

The decision of the Lib-Con Government to retain the New Labour ideological anti-white and racist Equality Act has to be seen in the context of the announcement that the government is going to cut 40 % of jobs from some front line public services.

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE DISMANTLING OF THE WELFARE STATE - on the pretext that we the people must suffer in order to pay for the incompetence and corruption of the global capitalists and bankers.

The global economic crash was engineered by the globalists in order to allow governments to cut public services and destroy the remaining nation based Welfare State systems of the planet - so that the global corporations can then privatise them in accord with WTO rules competition rules and profit from them.

What we saw in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union with the massive state sell off and shut down we are now witnessing in the West.

The same globalists, bankers, banks, bankers, corporations and economists that caused the crash in Russia are the same ones that caused this crash.

The Welfare State is illegal under world trade rules, and therefore this economic crash, caused by deliberate de-regulation by governments to allow global capitalism to grow rich whilst it grew out of control, has allowed governments the opportunity to cut back public services pushed by the globalists.

Globalism requires and demands the erosion of the power of nation states in order to ensure the removal and the destruction of national based welfare state systems and their replacement by global corporations operating for profit to provide public services instead of governments.

The public service ethos is to be replaced by loyalty to corporate profits.

But most important is the announcement that the government will not cut the 13 Billion per year foreign aid budget - which in effect is a big 'FUCK YOU' and finger from the government to the people.

The government in effect are saying 'Its your money we are spending, but we are not going to spend it on you and for your benefit, but instead we are going to spend it on the welfare of foreigners whilst we cut public services for you'.

If the British people accept this, then they deserve all they get frankly.

If the British people are willing to remain silent and supine when THEIR government impoverishes our own people, whist promoting the welfare of strangers, then they deserve all they fucking get.

They dont deserve to survive, if they are that stupid.

If they accept it then I am going to nominate the British people for the 2011 Darwin Awards.

I dont think they will though.

I think they will rise up when they realise what has happened to them.

We must begin to explain to the people that this is what is happening.

In the BNP manifesto I foresaw this would become an major issue in politics, and so pushed for it to be included in our policies, which it duly was.

I believe we should have really hit hard the truth that the BNP could cut taxes, retain existing support for public services AND improve efficiency and waiting times by RE-NATIONALISING THE WELFARE STATE.

This was to enact laws that prohibit all non-British citizens from access to all public services.

We need to issue all vetted, registered and checked British Citizens with a Public Services Entitlement Card that allows them to access public services.

Those without a public services card would be denied access to any public services, and those who assist or facilitate by action or ommission those without a public service card accessing public services would become classified as fraud or attempted fraud.

Those who helped foreigners access our services would be committing what they are already, but get away with, which is theft.

That way we could then deal with them and deport them.

We now need to go on the offensive on the issue of NATIONALISING THE WELFARE STATE.

Paddy Ashdown was on the porcine media maggot Adam Boulton show today, and he said that because the bankers fucked the economy up, that we have to accept that all parties will have to cut public services.


The Lib-Con Government are not NATIONALISTS.


A nationalist government would end the Internationalisation of our public services.

Whilst the Lib Lab Con scum cut our public services whilst funding Third World Dictators and resource rich dictatorships across the world in the guise of 'foreign aid' at the same time they have allowed our country to become the welfare spongers centre of the planet.

Every welfare parasite from across the planet comes to Britain to suck us dry, and the idiot politicians of the mainstream parties know it and endorse it with their inaction and apathy.

Britain must become a nation that shuts it doors to all ;

1) asylum seekers

2) all new immigration

3) International welfare benefit tourism

4) abuse of the NHS by Health Tourists who want and get free treatment

5) all economic migration.

No foreigner or illegal immigrant must be entitled to any NHS treatment, benefits, housing, legal aid, education and access to pensions etc.

Only the British people should be able to access any public services.

This would save Britain tens of billions of pounds a year as we cut waiting lists and waiting times, whilst raising the amount of money we can spend on research into treating illnesses.

The foreigners who come to Britain in their millions, the millions of illegal immigrants in Britain and the health tourists that come here just for free NHS treatment ( and then skip the bills if they are asked to pay) - all of these people are stealing out taxes.

The government is allowing them to steal our taxes, because the Lib Con Government wankers are too scared of being called 'racists' to resist this theft from our people.

Instead the Lib Con Traitors pay our taxes to foreigners in the foreign aid budget, at the same time as they allow millions of parasites to flood into Britain and steal our taxes and destroy our hard fought for and much loved Welfare State.

The choice is now clear - we can Re-Nationalise the Welfare State or we can Dismantle the Welfare State.

The choice is therefore Nationalism or globalism.

Let the battle begin.

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Jane said...

Excellent post Lee. The globalist capitalists are also doing what they can to make workers hate "socialism" and ironically see "socialism" as implying being taxed to support parasites. Organic socialism is simply an organised kin-based society where everyone pulls together and helps each other out. But due to this push for multiracialism the whole idea of cooperation in society can be associated with this parasitic "socialism" - all the better to make individualist rootless slaves of the workers.
They aim to make us want to give up the welfare state - just as the American people view such "socialism" as being as horrible as paedophilia.

Anonymous said...


Indeed and it was announced under Labour, Dave and his crew are the new puppets, same as the old puppets.

two issues here, the wealfare state was used to flood the country with immigrants while keeping the poor quiet, do you think masses of starving poor would tolerate being replaced without the morphine of the wealfare state?

this then goes on to be abused and once enough of the third world are in the morphine can be cut off, in fact it will be privatised to turn a profit for the NWO corporate elites while pushing human life further into the third world gutter.

the NWO get the best of all worlds, as the unrest starts to perculate as they rob and abuse you until there is nothing left, then you realise what all the control laws and police state implimentation was for.

still some people cannot add 1 + 1.

if you think this is bad, wait another 5-10 years, all your freedoms will be stripped away and they are just about to impliment the greatest rigging system in British political history, where the smaller party votes are given to the NWO parties!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lee, seems you already covered all the bases, my post was unessesary but great to know you are on the ball.

Anonymous said...

Lee here is a great video on the meaning of austerity, cuts right through the bullshit - this guy is great, say much of what you do, this stuff needs to be on the BNP site.!

Anonymous said...

Scabby Assclown is a bilderberger, he admits it in his book where he exposes the Tories plotting to betray the nation over the Euro and their leader thatcher to the bilderberg elite (not that it took long for her with the aid of Rotschild to assett strip the nation), and not that Scabby Assclown had any objections, he was all for it, still he got some nice positions from the NWO and NATO in the following years eh!

Seems they like to look after their own!

Phil said...

Good stuff as usual Lee. Keep penning stuff like this and ignore your detractors - let them suffocate in their own hot air.

Anonymous said...

Lee, once again you've got it absolutely and completely right.
You've got a very rare gift of being able to cut right through the bullshit and see things as they really are.
- I only wish more of the great British public were so gifted.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lee it is a very good point that the BNP would renationalise the safty net and keep it from the global corporation mafia who will ensure it costs more and delivers less.

This will be a critical policy for the BNP as Labour will not support it, they can't it goes against the NWO, that leave the BNP with an open goal.

This is why it is critical for the BNP other than just yourself to keep up with the NWO agebda and plans in order to construct the antidote long before others have even seen the problem coming, this keeps us cutting edge and a key player.