Monday 26 July 2010

The European National Alliance

Every day now the leadership challenge within the BNP is dragging the party deeper and deeper into the gutter.

The supporters on all sides are waging a war against each other that is causing immeasurable harm to the party and the British Nationalist movement.

It appears that there are people in the BNP who now want to purge everyone who has supported one of the leadership challengers and that there are some people in the BNP who now want to flounce off and set up a new political party to stand against the BNP and split the nationalist vote.

A split or purge serves only the interests of the enemies of the BNP.

Those that are clamouring for a split or a purge in the BNP are working for the enemies of the BNP and the enemies of British Nationalism.

At the same time the BNP has shed many excellent activists over recent years due to the constant internecine warfare between various groups and factions and other fallouts and disagreements.

These people must be able to re-engage with the nationalist cause.

But the last thing the British Nationalist movement needs is another political party to stand against the BNP in local, general and european elections.

This must not happen.

But at the same time we must get back on board all those people who for one reason or the other feel they cannot stay in the BNP or who have left the BNP.

This is why I and others have decided to establish a new Pan-European and European Nationalist political movement and political party in order to ensure the BNP does not split, that people who have the left the BNP can re-enter politics and to address a serious strategic and tactical flaw in the ideological evolution of British nationalism and also nationalist politics all over Europe.

This new party, the European National Alliance, is a political party that will not stand in local elections or general elections and will only stand in European Elections against the establishment traitors in the mainstream parties.

We will not stand against any British Nationalist parties in european elections, such as the BNP and UKIP, and only stand candidates against the Labour Party, Greens, Liberal Democrats and the Tories.

The ENA does not want British Nationalists to leave their present political parties and join the European Nationalist struggle, we want those who are European Nationalists and who are not members of any present political party to join our ranks or those who want to work for the interests of both British Nationalism and European Nationalism.

The ENA is an essential development in the pantheon of British political parties.

As the ENA is a pro-European people and European cultural party, but anti the European Union, we will cater to an entirely different political demographic to that of traditional British Nationalism.

I want people to remain in and support the BNP in all its local and general elections and european elections.

I will remain as an officer of the BNP as well as helping run the ENA.

In areas where there are elected UKIP and BNP MEP's the ENA will not stand any candidates.

The ENA is an organisation that seeks support from those who have European Nationalist principles and who want to takeover the EU from inside and use its wealth and power to promote European Nationalist principles.

The ENA will seek to spread European Nationalist ideas into the wider consciousness of the British public.

British Nationalists parties like UKIP and the BNP are parties that want to withdraw from the EU and who are Euro-sceptic.

There has never been any political organisation in Britain or the EU that explictly promotes European Nationalist principles.

There must be no split in the BNP and no purge of activists from within the BNP.

There must be no new political party formed to stand against the BNP in local, general and european elections.

This is an opportunity for those nationalists who have left the BNP over the years to re-engage in the nationalist struggle in a way that doesnt harm the development and growth of British Nationalism.

A full statement of the principles of the ENA are on the ENA site here ;

A few facts on where we stand ;

A) Who are we ?

We are 21st Century Nationalists who are both Nationalists and European Nationalists.

B) What is European Nationalism ?

European Nationalism is a political movement that seeks to protect the indigenous cultures, heritage and indigenous peoples of Europe.

C) Aren't British Nationalism and European Nationalism opposed to each other ?


As a British Nationalist or a German Nationalist or a French Nationalist we all work within our own countries for the benefit of our own people, but we also understand that in order to defend European civilisation from globalism we must work together for the benefit of all our people and for Europe itself.

D) Do you support a European Army and political integration ?


A Free Europe depends on Free Nations, and a European Army would undermine our national freedoms.

Political integration is a usurpation of our national democracies and national sovereignty.

We stand for European co-operation not European integration.

E) Who can join the ENA ?

Anyone who agrees with our principles.

F) Will the ENA stand in local and general elections in the UK or elsewhere in Europe ?


The ENA is simply a European Nationalist organisation.

We have no interest in splitting the Nationalist vote in local and general elections or competing against Nationalist parties in such elections.

As we are a European Nationalist Party we will not be taking votes from Nationalist parties in the European Elections either, as all the Nationalist politicians such as the BNP and UKIP stand for immediate withdrawal from the EU and are Euro-sceptics.

We do not support withdrawing from the EU, rather we stand for taking over the EU from the inside and then using its vast amount of power and wealth for the promotion of our European Nationalist principles and objectives.

We will also not stand against Nationalist or Patriotic parties in European Elections such as the BNP and UKIP who already have elected representatives.

In those areas with established BNP and UKIP elected representatives we will not put forward any candidates so as to ensure those people can gain the entire Nationalist and European Nationalist vote for themselves and ensure their re-election.

We will stand only in areas with elected Labour Party MEP's, Conservative Party MEP's, Green Party MEP's and Liberal Democrat MEP's.

As the ENA is a European Nationalist party which is not anti-Europe, but only anti-European Union, and is not Euro-sceptic, as we wish to stay inside the EU and use the power and wealth of the EU to promote our European Nationalist principles, we are appealing to a completely different political demographic to the Nationalist parties such as the BNP and UKIP.

Therefore there will be no competition between the ENA and parties like UKIP and the BNP in European Elections.

We wish the BNP and UKIP all the best in their local, general and European elections and hope to see them prosper and grow as Nationalist parties.

G) Will the ENA accept party memberships ?


H) What is the difference between the European Nationalist Alliance and the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements ?

The AENM is a body composed of elected MEP's within the European Union and other anti-EU parties who do not have MEP's but who are also anti-EU and support withdrawal from the EU.

It intends to create a European political party that operates within the institution of the European Parliament, and it does not intend to create a Pan-European political party that operates across the entire European Union.

Each of the parties within the AENM are anti-EU and stand for withdrawal from the EU.

In the event of any of them winning power in a national election, those parties would unilaterally withdraw from the EU.

The AENM is in the perverse position that the more successful its constituent members are in their respective national elections, the weaker the AENM as a political bloc becomes within the EU.

If all the political parties in the AENM were to win power in their own countries they would all have to withdraw from the EU itself, and thereby weaken the position of the remaining Nationalist parties left inside the EU.

If all the political parties in the AENM were also to win power in their own countries and withdrew from the EU, then there would be no political parties left in the EU to articulate and promote European Nationalist interests.

Therefore a separate European Nationalist organisation, the ENA, is required in order to operate alongside the AENM in order to allow Nationalists and European Nationalists in those states that have withdrawn from the EU to cast their votes for a political party that represents European Nationalist principles.

The ENA will stay within the EU as a political bloc and act solely in the interests of European Nationalism, as opposed to the AENM which is comprised of political parties that have to represent the interests of their own internal party political constituencies and also in the national interest of their own respective nation states if they were elected into power.

The ENA acts solely for the principles of the ENA and European Nationalism itself.

This is why the ENA can work alongside the AENM on issues of mutual concern but will remain an independent European Nationalist movement inside the EU.

The ENA is a movement solely for the promotion of European Nationalist principles and hence must promote and act without pressure or coercion from Nationalist party leaders who have an internal Nationalist constituency within their own parties they must listen too and also, as elected leaders of a nation state, their own national interests to promote as well.

I) How do I get involved ?

If you are interested in supporting the ENA then e mail us at ;

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extant said...

Now thats moving forward , the Pheonix is starting to rise.

Brilliant mate, we must now use this movememnt behind the scenes , covertly obviously to infaltrate every single aspect of Europeans lives.
We need to be the new Common "European" purpose !

Where do I get my ring and what about the hand shake ;o)


Anonymous said...

Aha you have discovered the key to the solution. So long as Europe remains divided and forms part of the US empire then any nationalist party will be beaten down mercilessly witness Austria's Freedom party. The culture and values of Europe as well as the dominant viewpoint originate post 1945 from the US and New York rules. Until the US collapses or is sent packing with all its culture of multiracialism, plutocracy, frankfurt school values then we will continue to suffer . Europe awake!
On a practical level why dont you campaign for the removal of all US nuclear weapons from the UK and Europe or even better call for all the US occupation troops in Europe to go home. Who are they protecting us from???

Anonymous said...

C'mon British! Get your fucking act together, join as one people. Screw this in fighting. Or would you rather have this shit run you off your islands in the near future?

"cos that's where you are heading....

Anonymous said...

My message did not appear, why are you purging the contributers Lee?

Defender of Liberty said...

I am not purging the comments.

I am just not putting up comments that attack individuals who are standing in the leadership election.

If the comments did not mention specific individuals they will go up.

Mention a specific leadership challenger, then I will not put them them up - either if they are pro or anti.

Anonymous said...

But it was in my view a balanced overview not a personal attack on anyone, just a review of the party in general and more to do with the party constitution than any individual.

Anonymous said...

I noticed over on the Green Arrow site a few months ago there was someone calling themselves "The Founders" who claimed to be in the process of setting up something similar to the ENA called the UNN:

They hoped to get a million members to join at £13 and raise 13 million p/a to help European Whites. Do you think they are genuine?