Monday 5 July 2010

Idiot Arse Licking Coppers and PC Cunts

What fucking idiots these coppers are.

These aint coppers, these are arse licking, politically correct wankers.

Every community has CCTV cameras in them, but whites cant play the race card to remove them from our communities.

One rule for the Muslims, one rule for everyone else.

1 muslim makes a complaint about windows in a swimming pool, then everyone must suffer as the windows are blacked out.



Areas that produce terrorists must have cameras, and these communities are producing terrorists.


And who are these 'members of the community' who will be involved in monitoring them ?

More unelected, so called 'community leaders' = the apologists and defenders of Islamism.



Look at the collection of cunts at this meeting - salma 'the 7/7 bombings were reprisal attacks' Yaqoob, Gareth Pierce the IRA and Al Qaeda adoring white leftist lawyer twat and that demented sociopath Shama Chakrabhati whose bullshit rhetoric on protecting 'liberty' is used to attack every law that could protect the public !

Stop kowtowing to minority groups and these wankers and protect the fucking MAJORITY you gutless arseholes !

Police apologise for Birmingham spy camera outrage

Jul 5 2010
Hundreds of people packed the Bordesley Centre.

ANGRY residents have demanded the removal of 218 controversial “Big Brother” surveillance cameras that were installed in mainly Muslim areas of Birmingham without consultation.

The scheme sparked widespread public outrage and claims that the cameras were being used to spy on residents in Washwood Heath, Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Moseley.

The cameras – installed in April – were put up by the Safer Birmingham Partnership after West Midlands Police received £3 million from an anti-terror fund controlled by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Campaigners received assurances last night from West Midlands Police that 72 covert cameras will also be switched off (like the overt cameras) and that there will be no future involvement of the counter-terrorism unit (CTU).

Hundreds of residents, politicians and protesters crammed into the Bordesley Centre, in Stratford Road, to hear Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe vow that West Midland Police would take total responsibility for the project.

Booed by some sections of the crowd, she said: “I recognise that mistakes have been made by West Midlands Police.

“I am truly sorry. The police are going to have to work hard to rebuild the trust. I will take total responsibility from now and I can give you some assurances.

“There will be no involvement of the counter-terrorism unit, there will be no covert cameras in your neighbourhoods and consultation will continue.

“After the consultation, if we think that it is appropriate and proportionate to continue using them then we will. But we will include members of the community in monitoring and scrutinising their use.

“The cameras are off and we will try to get them covered with bags as soon as possible.

Jackie Russell, from the Safer Birmingham Partnership, also spoke. She said: “We did get it wrong and I apologise for that.

“Some people are not saying take them down. Crimes do exist in these communities.”

A host of speakers, including Lord Nazir Ahmed, attacked the scheme. He said it was a “wholesale demonisation of the Muslim community”.

There were also angry attacks and claims that elected politicians were misled by police from former Labour MP Lynne Jones, and Springfield’s Lib Dem councillor’s Jerry Evans and Tanveer Choudray.

Director of Big Brother Watch, Alex Deane, received the first big round of applause for saying: “They suspended this scheme because you made them. It cannot be right that you are treated as a suspect simply because of where you live. The only answer is to take the cameras down.”

Salma Yaqoob, Respect councillor for Sparkbrook, said: “This is not acceptable in a free society.

“We are saying no, no, no. Retrospective consultation is meaningless. We want them redistributed in Birmingham or dismantled. If they do not remove them, will you join me this summer to take every single one down?”

Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights organisation Liberty, was also a guest speaker at the rally.

She said: “This scheme is not just dangerous and divisive, it’s unlawful. It is intrusive, disproportionate and blatantly discriminatory. You have rumbled something here in Birmingham. They are beginning to listen and you have a chance to set an example for the rest of Britain.’’

Highly-respected human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce who represented the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four, and a former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg, also spoke at the rally.

Activist Steve Jolly, of Birmingham Against Spy Cameras, also spoke. He said: “The only satisfactory conclusion to this affair is the wholesale removal of the cameras. There is a real risk of creating a police state.”

A resolution to engage in consultation on the terms outlined by ACC Rowe was rejected by the audience.

A second proposition, calling for the removal of the cameras before any further consultation received overwhelming support.

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