Wednesday 7 July 2010

Terrorists , Torture and Human Rights

So Islamist terrorists and supporters of Islamist terrorism are going to get vast payouts from the government as a way to ensure the Tories and Lib Dems retain the Muslim Block vote and to appease the 'race relations' terrorists who defend the Islamists, such as the evil whore solicitor Gather Pearce, who defends Islamist terrorists, IRA terrorists and foreign criminals but who will not ever defend a British Nationalist from one of the bogus 'race cases' we see so often.

Everywhere is treason.

Yet again we see more public money being pissed away by the corrupt bastard David Cameron and his band of Islamist and Zionist arse lickers in Parliament.

Today to be a Parliamentarian is to be a traitor.

At least we know who to arrest for treason when we get into power.

Yesterday we had the sickening spectacle of the Queen in the UN giving a speech about how wonderful the UN is - whilst for decades she has done NOTHING to help her own people in the country preserve our democracy from being undermined and destroyed by the traitors who sit in Parliament.


The entire establishment is a maggot farm.

Terrorists do not have human rights.

Therefore to compensate these Islamist filth is an insult to our people.

But you morons elected Cameron and his cabal of arseholes to sit in Parliament, so you deserve all you fucking get.

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