Friday 9 July 2010

How to find Raoul Moat

Image - here is the real brains in Britains police force. Unlike the rest of them he is not a politically correct ACPO muppet.

Dont use jets flying over.

Dont use the SAS.

Dont send in loads of plod poncing about with machine guns and shields all on overtime.

Use bloodhounds with a team of armed cops that follow them.

Its not bloody rocket science is it chaps.

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extant said...

I say, let him be, but that just me , he may find his way to the right place; East ;o)

Once again, dont make any judgment on this man, because as we all know on the truth page, you cannot rely on the anti white propoganda machine.


a book, membership fees and the NWO said...

Adrian, and Nicks `deadline 2014`.

I was just wondering what Adrians view on Nicks BNP article regarding the NWO was, as well as your view Lee, though you have been giving your generalised view on this subject for a while now, much to my and Adrians delight, that someone in nationalism finally gets it but more than that is now prepared to act on it.

I mentioned this a couple of days ago but no direct responce from our NWO expert Adrian as yet.

my view as you know, that is if you can separate me anon from allthe other anons! is that the BNP have to be the antidote to the NWO, which means studying where it is headed in order to be the most effective counter and alternative media provider.

but one thing the BNP should never lose sight of is that this is a numbers game, we must focus on gaining numbers, no stone must be left unturned in our mission to increase our support.

I also think it is time Nick put together a book on the subject that can serve as a template and a warning.

as each step of the NWO unfolds people will see all predited in Nicks book and what the solutions are, a top selling book could be the key, as well as dropping the mebership fee to £10.

Nick needs to get his book out within a year as their is no time to lose.

Anonymous said...

Interesting enough this latest gun fest, has allowed the police to become accepted as a highly armed military type force on your doorstep.

When in truth, had guns not been made illegal, just one single local bobby could have put out a general hue and cry to the villagers, who armed with their own blunderbusters could have gone a hunting, protecting their own.

The right to protect your own is paramount here, not the privilage to be unarmed, hiding behind legions of armed personnel loyal only to traitors in power.