Monday 21 March 2011

The Cannabis Crimes of Governments

The drug laws in the UK are ridiculous.

The criminalisation of people who have Multiple Sclerosis, cancer and other illnesses who can benefit from the anti-cancer properties of cannabis is a crime against humanity.

All drugs should be criminalised and licensed.

That includes alcohol and tobbacco the biggest drug killers of people in the world and the most profitable drugs in the world as regards taxes to governments.

The video below reveals the anti-cancer properties of cannabis.

The fact that the medical and pharmeacutical companies profit from people getting serious illnesses and treating their conditions, as opposed to us having a drug licensing system based on prevention of illnesses in the first place, is why anti-cancer drugs like cannabis are banned.

Cannabis prevents cancers forming and also stops cancers returning.

But that means the medical compaies, drugs companies and government do not profit from people who get cancer from drugs like tobacco.

The goverment allows people to buy tobacco as they get billions in taxes and when they get cancer the pharmeacutical companies make billions treating them.

Cannabis is banned as it prevents cancer forming and stops cancer returning.

Therefore it breaks the circle of profits.

Cannabis should not be legalised.

It should remain illegal.

Only those people with serious illnesses who would benefit from cannabis therapy and who have had or have serious illnesses like cancer, should be licensed to allow them to grow and possess cannabis.

Those who suffere from serious illness and who are in pain are not criminals, it is the governments that exploit and profit from their misery and suffering.

The video here explains why ;

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