Wednesday 9 March 2011

What A Pathetic Joke

This country is a pathetic joke.

The victim was white.

His abuser non-white.

Can you imagine what would have happened if a white nurse did that to a Muslim patient.

One law for whites, another for non-whites.

Nurse clamped hand over patient's mouth and told him to shut up because she 'didn't realise you couldn't do that in the UK'By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 11:05 AM on 7th March 2011

Comments (0) Add to My Stories A Pakistani-trained nurse who clasped her hand over a patient's mouth and told him to 'shut up' did not realise her actions were unacceptable in the UK, a tribunal has ruled.

Shabana Tabassam, 38, was found guilty of misconduct by the Nursing and Midwifery Council but escaped punishment after struggling with 'cultural and language differences'.

After a misconduct panel accepted that she would act differently in future, Tabassam is free to continue working in nursing without any restriction or blemish on her registration.

Shabana Tabassam was accused of telling a patient to 'shut up' and put her hand over his mouth following an incident at Tolworth Hospital in 2008
She had been working at the Tolworth Hospital in Surbiton, Surrey, when she acted to stop a male patient from shouting and swearing on July 11 2008.
The man, referred to as Patient A, was deaf, partially sighted and had recently suffered a stroke.
Panel chairman Pauline Derbyshire said: 'The registrant accepted in evidence that at the time of the misconduct she lacked experience in working in the United Kingdom with the cultural and language differences from Pakistan where she had been trained and worked for a number of years.'

Her behaviour was also mitigated by the fact that she had recently returned from maternity leave and had been working long hours, she said.
Ms Derbyshire added that her behaviour was at the 'lower level spectrum of misconduct' and that the episode represented an 'isolated incident.'
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'The registrant told the panel that she would now deal with a similar situation in a very different and appropriate manner,' she said.
Testimonials lodged with the NMC said Tabassam was a 'hard working, diligent, kind, honest, compassionate nurse who performs her duties with integrity and empathy'.
In a statement previously read to the hearing, Tabassam, who was made redundant by the Kingston Primary Care Trust in August 2007, admitted what she had done but said she did not consider it to have been abusive.
She told an internal disciplinary inquiry that she had 'not intended to hurt Patient A but he had been shouting and she had not wanted to wake other people on the ward.'

Tabassam, from Surbiton, did not attend the misconduct hearing.

She first registered in the UK as a nurse in October 2004 and began working for the Kingston PCT in January 2006.

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Anonymous said...

This link does not work.

Anonymous said...

Yuk, I hope she washed her hands before putting her hand onto his mouth. He needs to sue her for assault and sue the hospital for not setting cultural standards and for allowing a nurse to act in an aggressive and unsafe manner.
Damn, you Brits really need to get with the program when it comes to how to sue and turn the tables on "them".

Ade said...

I'm suing 5 Doctors, their surnames are Bannergee, Grossman, Freedman, Kong and Finer.

Those who heal you will kill you

Work it out for yourselves.

Got a health problem, don't use the NHS.

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