Sunday 6 March 2011

The Game Begins

We all knew that the next stage of the Libyan takeover would be to create a situation where British secret forces would be seized in Libya and their capture used as a pretex for an invasion to rescue them.

Libya is none of our business.

The Libyan revolution is an Islamist uprising sponsored by the CIA and using Al Qaeda CIA and MI6 Muslim Brotherhood run agents within Libya.

The fact that the majority of the Libyan people are sick of Gaddafi but also hate the Islamists as much as they hate him, is the reason why this revolution will fail.

The Libyan people want freedom - not Al Qaeda or the CIA or political puppets of the US oil companies running Libya.

We have seen the same old tired lies being given out by the media, such as Gaddafi has chemical weapons, the same as we saw in the lead up to the Iraq War.

The game begins.

Control of the oil is the answer to every question.

Eight SAS men in undercover mission are seized in Libya - by the rebel forces they went to help

By Christopher Leake
Last updated at 12:58 AM on 6th March 2011

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An eight-man SAS team was being held by Libyan rebel forces last night after being captured as they accompanied a junior British diplomat on an undercover mission which ended in embarrassment.

The elite troops had been escorting the diplomat through rebel-held territory in the east of Libya as he tried to make contact with opponents of Colonel Gaddafi.

The diplomat had intended to pave the way for a more senior British official to establish diplomatic relations with rebel forces.

But last night the young Foreign Office employee and his armed SAS escorts were locked up inside a military base in Benghazi, the largest city held by opponents of Col Gaddafi.

It is understood the SAS incursion into rebel-held territory infuriated opposition politicians, one of whom told them to warn David Cameron’s Government that it should recognise the opposition as Libya’s legitimate leaders before attempting to open negotiations.

Sources admitted last night that there was huge embarrassment in Whitehall that the SAS mission had backfired.

But there was confidence that the SAS team and the diplomat would be released unharmed within 24 hours after the rebels had made their point. There were no plans last night for a second SAS team to be sent in to secure the release of their colleagues.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are backing the wrong side thanks to the lying liberal/Islamist media. Bombing arms dumps to keep the slime from taking weapons is "bombing his own people" And where is the proof for the statement he "is offering £400 to families to fight?"
And it is not interesting that this 'democracy movement' appeared after Saif Gadaffi said he wanted Libya to move to a constitution and a democratic government?
Some billionaire on the right should set up a team of lawyers to check the output of BBC and LIE News and the rest of the rags.