Friday 18 March 2011

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I put this comment on the British Resistance Site this morning as a response to the article being put up by Paul Golding and the new article about putting nationalism first ;

If you want nationalism to go forward - then you need to lead by example then Paul.

No more attack articles on this site that target fellow nationalists just because you may have personal issues with them, no more fawning over certain nationalists whilst attacking others, no more promoting the BNP whilst attacking other parties.

You need to learn the same self discipline you want to see in other nationalists.

No more promotion of people that you like today and will fall out with tomorrow.

You want to be an asset for nationsalism - then stop attacking nationalists and other nationalist parties.

Stop allowing comments on this site that attack nationalists.

Stop promoting one party and attacking others - simply promote them all without bias.

That way you become an asset.

That way people may come to respect you as a nationalist, not as a man whose nationalism and loyalty depends upon his ego being constantly stroked.

Go forwards Paul, and that means you have to change as well as the movement which , as you rightly state, also needs to change. "

I will now lead by example.

I will not allow comments on this site that attack other nationalists, and I will not target other nationalists.

I will put my money where my mouth is.

The article about Golding below is my response to his comments he left on the British Resistance site about me yesterday.

I responded to Golding for two reasons ;

1) As he printed out and distributed the vile leaflets that attacked Simon Bennet as a paedophile in his village and because Golding also sent me the death threats that I received after resigning from the BNP. That was a bad, bad move on your part Paul. Now you dont have the BNP security guys to watch your back for you.

2) That he had the nerve to come round my house with a BNP security guy banging on my door - and I will say this now, if I had been in Paul, then the next place you and the guy with you would have visited would have been Medway Maritime Hospital.

I will now though agree a truce.

As long as The British Resistance site does not target fellow nationalists, does not allow comments that target nationalists on the site and that does not offer a platform for the attack on other nationalists by people like Golding and the site does not attack or favour one political party over another - then I will abide by the truce.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, who are the "good guys" running the BNP if any?

alanorei said...

A good declaration, Lee

I believe that the Party must also come clean on any cover-ups that may have occurred, e.g. like the issue surrounding the former finance director last year.

Re: your first comment below, 1 Timothy 6:10 says "For the love of money is the root of all evil."

I can see how the issue of serious debt would concentrate the minds of the leaders on the necessity of fund-raising but it seems to have gone pear-shaped from there.

It appears to me that Rev West could have a role to play in helping stabilise the increasingly dire situation that British nationalists are in. He speaks his mind and commands respect, I believe.

Adrian P said...

Nationalists don't have to like each other to work together for the Greater good, within reason of course.
There will always be differences, just work together for the Greater good.
It's also a good way that might flush out state assets as those who try to undermine the truce.

If the Truce works, then the next step ought to be trying to get some independents, EDL, Eng Dem, UKIP and carving up the UK into Nationalist regions, along the lines of not standing against each other in certain regions, how about a trial run in a few areas next elections.

Adrian Peirson said...

Frocks and Pom Poms for primary school boys

If nationalists want to get the masses off their behinds maybe they need stuff like this dropping through their letter boxes.

Gay films to be sent to every school

Adrian Peirson said...

Frocks and Pom Poms for primary school boys

If nationalists want to get the masses off their behinds maybe they need stuff like this dropping through their letter boxes.

Gay films to be sent to every school

Anonymous said...

Posted the very same day as Paul Morris's latest attack on a Wales BNP activist Lee. What say you now?

Adrian Peirson said...

This from the Emerald Isle

Anonymous said...

Is GA hampering unity ?

In anycase hes using a Simpkins article attack Lee post the Pal talk session where he couldnt get 'one over'

Anonymous said...

It feels like Paul Morris site, carries an inate bias(I supose that is typical of all sites?) , for not only was Pauls Goldings article printed, which is good, but he is then followed up with more of the same via pally talk.