Wednesday 23 March 2011

Celts and Scythians

A lot has transpired since the ancient ethnographers divided the little-known peoples of the far north into Keltoi and Skythai, or since the Franco-Russian anthropologist Deniker divided the light-pigmented Northern Europeans into a race nordique and a race orientale. So, it is a bit surprising to see that a basic division of northern Europeans into East and West has stood the test of time. (*)

(*) Minus the Finnic peoples of northeastern Europe who, as has become clear, owe their genetic distinctiveness to a Siberian element in their ancestry, tying them to their linguistic cousins in the east.

The White Race though of one origin has two distinct divisions - Celtic Nordic and Slavic Scythian, the two internal divisions of the White Race itself.

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extant said...

I read an article just a few weeks back that explained in full depth that scientist's have now discovered a specific gene that is responsible for not just the carrier of that gene identifying people with the same DNA, but that enables subconscious action to seek out a partner or friends with the same specific DNA.

I have tried to find the article today, but unfortunately cannot find it.

Everyone has come across at least a few people throughout their life time and thought "I don't like him, I don't know what it is, but I just don't like him".

We cannot even explain or understand why; but it is my belief that we identify subconsciously a racial indifference or the enemy, the same as we would visually identify a Lion or a tiger that is dangerous.

We had the gift of gut feeling thousands of years, if not hundreds of thousands of years, prior to having the gift of speech.

We developed it for a good reason; do not be fooled by and rely on reason with higher brain function, it can be a weakness.

Throughout my life, I have come across various situations that I have been distinctly uncomfortable with, to a point that I have had to reason with my self to either bother with that person or proceed with the situation at hand; there is no exception that over riding my instinct has ended in tears !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What about the Greeks the French and the Italians.

Anonymous said...

Extant. Is this what your looking for?

Extant said...


Thank you , but no mate it wasn't that, but very close. It was a lengthy News article in the main press really getting down to the nitty gritty of specific markers within each and everyone of our DNA make up. They have actually identified the genetic marker within the protein and there is no doubt that they will now try to eradicate it through eugenics .

Seek destroy and divide !