Saturday 12 March 2011

Stuff The Census

I never filled the last one in, and I wont be filling this one in.

Especially as Lockheed Martin are running the data processing of the census and under the US Patriot Act they have to disclose that data if asked.

But I will not fill it in for two fundamental reasons ;

1) The White English statement is designed to ensure that the truth about the fact that the indigenous English have become a minority in their own country is hidden. The form should have allowed people to state they are ethnically English, not White English - as 'white' English applies to everyone who has settled here from any nation who are white by race. Until the form recognises the fact that I am ETHNIC ENGLISH, and that Englishness is not based on being white, then screw the census. Yes people can be English culturally and be white / black / yellow/ pink etc - but the fact is that the Ethnic English are denied our rights as the liberal fascists in goverment and the Stalinist Equality Commission refuses to grant us our rights as the indigenous peoples of these islands. Until they do, then I will use the census as rather painful toilet paper, literally, on the day I am supposed to fill it in. I just hope it doesnt clog the toilet when I try and flush it.

2) Why should legitimate British citizens fill in a form, whilst this and all the other governments sit on their fat, smug, useless arses and do nothing to discover how many illegal immigrants are in the country.

Whilst the government can spend millions of demanding legal citizens fill the census in, it does nothing to discover how many millions, and I estimate around 4 million, illegal immigrants are in the country.

Until the government organises a census of illegals, then stuff the census.

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