Saturday 19 March 2011

The Paltalk Interview

What a shame that the interviewer was unable to put the questions to me that people wanted answering as he seemed more interested in trying to bait me.

Never mind.

Lesson learnt.

If I do another one then Bertie Bert will do the interview as he seems a good, principled nationalist with a sense of fair play.

Thanks Bert for trying to move the debate out of the nationalist gutter and trying to make it a positive debate.

If you have any questions that werent answered then let me know and I will answer them.

Onwards and upwards !

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sam brown said...

hi lee

i might not be your biggest fan and we will never be friends im sure but your interview today was very good.... i agreed with alot of what you said ....Not everything but alot of it

sam brown said...

But huge respect for you to do what you did sure you knew that some idiots would try and get their 5 seconds of fame .....But yeah you had some good ideas

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks sam,

I appreciate that.

I will try and keep the truce and set an example for nationalists.

Keep a low profile, get a degree, become a major asset for nationalism ands help the movement go forward,



sam brown said...

thats great i have made clear to people sometimes you do let your mouth run ahead of your brain which we all do at times but in a clam and controlled situation where you are being given time to speak you are definitely a asset to have in the party ...alot of the idiots who do comment will try and provoke you but let them have their 5 seconds of doing what they have to and just ignore them

Anonymous said...

A very enlightening interview. I had already decided i didn't like you before i went in the room but listening to you speak from the heart and with the interest of nationalism at the fore changed my mind.

I'd like to see us all move forward, together. I'd rather it was with the BNP.

You need to extend your invitation out to all nationalist groups asap, each HAS to agree to support each other.

It's a start.

No more back biting on forums. Be yourself under your own name, speak in type like you did in that room tonight and you'll win many over for a united front. Mind you, looking at the DF there's not many of us on there! Lol.

Maybe start up your own Paltalk room? No one else, just you. With guests of course.


Anonymous said...

Well done Lee, you didn't lose your cool, pity the questions weren't asked by someone impartial.

Wanted to ask, where do we go from here?

Perhaps you will give an answer on this blog.

Extant said...

You are now obviously aware that you cannot tar all with the same brush, Bertie is a decent man. Mark/Corsham is not a bad boy, he has just been used, but I am sure he will get away from devisivness and move forward with the rest of us.

Sorry I wasnt there to show my suppport for you tonight mate, I just couldnt bring myself to be associated with an individual who believed this was about him.

He couldnt have been more wrong !

The only way forward is to "all" realise that time is running out fast and this is that time to leave our differences and "unwanted devisive" baggage behind.


Anonymous said...

Wish we could have listened in mate but some of us have been banned by the deomcratic GA

Anonymous said...

I thought what you were saying was very inspireing and motivating and indeed a few things that I have attempted to pursue my self locally, e.g. social actvism and cultural activism as an extention of my once standing for the BNP.

It was disapointing that the interviewer veered towards the interviewers personal 'vendetta'. He would rather attck and cause division rather unify which he says he wants. I see he as used someone else to have a go at you in the latest article on his blog.

Would be good to have people ask further questions and develop ideas into realisation, in future talks?

Ex Cllr said...

Butlers seemed to have apologised for his actions. As one of those who he tried to undermine i am still angry about his actions.
But i will let go now, i have forgotten what happened.
All you leaders need to get together and forget about the past.

Anonymous said...

Bert's the best in my opinion. GA spoils everything. Lippy licks his arse because she gets compliments from him. If those two left, it might be a good room.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Extant. Its a shame that very good nationalist like Bertie has got mixed up with GA. Bertie used to be staunch BNP and he must now feel pretty foolish with the way GA has attacked everyone and every party. Corsham is a nice lad but has been fooled by GA into thinking he has a role to play running the site for him. Poor lads been mislead into beliving harm will come to him from Wales BNP members if he met them again. I can assure him this is NOT true. He is however becoming unpopular with a lot of people for his blind devotion to the GA.