Monday 14 March 2011


Note the attempt by these disgusting liberal scum bags to hide the one FACT that matters most of all - THAT PAKISTANI MUSLIMS DO NOT TARGET THEIR OWN GIRLS FROM THEIR OWN COMMUNITY FOR RAPE AND SEXUAL GROOMING.

That is the reality, they target white girls and other vulnerable children from other groups - BUT THEY NEVER TARGET THEIR OWN.


Child sex trafficking study sparks exaggerated racial stereotypingAuthors of study pinpointing Pakistani gangs say that data from a small sample has been generalised

Share Caroline Davies and Karen McVeigh, Thursday 6 January 2011 18.50 GMT Article history
Authors of study on 'on-street grooming' in the north and Midlands, where young girls have been targeted on the streets and at school gates, are concerned their findings about Pakistani gangs have been generalised. Photograph: Gari Wyn Williams/Alamy

Researchers into child sex trafficking within the UK have warned of the dangers of racial stereotyping amid claims of a widespread problem of British Pakistani men exploiting under-age white girls.

Authors of the first independent academic analysis looking at "on-street grooming", where young girls, spotted outside, including at the school gates, have become targets, said they were concerned that data from a small, geographically concentrated, sample of cases had been "generalised to an entire crime type".

The authors, Helen Brayley and Ella Cockbain, from UCL's Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, said they were surprised their research, confined to just two police operations in the north and Midlands, which found perpetrators were predominantly but not exclusively from the British Pakistani community, had been cited in support of the claims that such offences were widespread.

Their comments follow claims that a culture of silence has impeded investigations into a hidden pattern of offending by British Pakistani gangs sexually abusing hundreds of young white girls.

The view points to the convictions of 56 men, all but three of whom were Asian and most from the British Pakistani community, found guilty of sexual offences involving on-street grooming. There have been 17 court cases in 13 urban areas in the north and Midlands since 1997.

The most recent case involved the conviction of nine men in November on sexual offence charges, relating to 27 victims in Derby, 22 of whom where white.

Nick Clegg has called such criminal pimping gangs "grotesque", and Keith Vaz, chair of the Commons home affairs committee, has called for a police inquiry.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim youth organisation, has condemned the perpetrators, claiming they believed that "white girls have fewer morals" and are "less valuable" than Muslim girls.

But Brayley and Cockbaine, whose six-month study was cited as evidence, said they were worried that limited data had been extended "to characterise an entire crime type, in particular of race and gender". They challenged claims that white girls were deliberately sought out by offenders. "Though the majority … were white so too were the majority of local inhabitants." Comparing the percentage of white people in the areas with black and ethnic minorities, their data, they said, showed "black and ethnic minority girls over-represented among the victims".

They added: "This challenges the view that white girls are sought out by offenders, suggesting instead that convenience and accessibility may be the prime drivers for those looking for new victims."

Conclusions from their study were cited in an investigation by the Times into the subject, which sparked calls for Home Office research.

Hilary Willmer, of the Coalition for the Removal of Pimping, said that since 2002 her group had supported 400 families where girls were the victims of grooming and sex abuse by mainly Pakistani men. "The vast majority are white families and the perpetrators are Pakistani Asians. We think this is the tip of the iceberg." But she cautioned against treating the matter as a race crime. "It's a criminal thing."

According to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, in 2009, the victims were mainly "white British in their mid and late teens" but also Bangladeshi and Afro-Caribbean. Networks of "white British, British Asians and Kurds had been "identified" as internal traffickers, with ethnic and national background varied "between groups" and geography.

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That's right, More Smoke and Mirrors to hide what is going on.

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