Sunday 6 March 2011

UAF and Islamists EXPOSED

Comments and video footage from another site.

" In the video, the Muslims chant ''Allahu Akbar'', the same chant used by Muslims yesterday in Egypt when they burnt Christian churches.

In one part they can be hear chanting ''English s*** of our streets'', about 2 minutes into the video.

Also noticed, how the Muslims were allowed by the polce to cover their faces.

The EDL supporters who wore anything over their faces, had them ripped off by the police, and pushed down their tops.

The police used batons and dogs on the EDL(I am told there are going to be official complaints made to the police, for assualt etc, by police officers).

While, as can be seen, the police just left the Muslims alone to do what they want.

These are English streets. "

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