Friday 18 March 2011

Paul Golding - A Parasite

I will not respond to Paul Goldins latest 'mea culpa' screed, except to make what I believe is a few points about the primary issues.

Paul Golding was elected as a BNP councillor.

He was not elected due to his charm, wit and good looks - he was elected as a result of the hard work of dozens of local BNP members with money donated by hundreds of BNP members across the country.

Each councillor who was elected by the BNP was a massive victory against the forces of the enemies of nationalism.

They each had a duty and responsibility to do the job to the best of their ability and stay the course, so that nationalism itself could be seen as something the people could trust to represent them and their interests.

Golding resigned as a councillor simply as he had decided to throw his weight behind Jim Dowson and Jim Dowsons money.

Golding moved out of the constituency he was elected in as a result of him being offered a job by Jim Dowson after Dowson left the BNP after a falling out with Jefferson.

Golding has betrayed every BNP member and every nationalist.

He has betrayed his constituents and ensured that never again will another BNP councillor be elected in his constituency.

He was given the chance that thousands of BNP members have wanted for decades, the chance to prove that the BNP could be trusted with power and could do a good job as a councillor.

Instead he betrayed the people who voted for him, betrayed the BNP members who helped get him elected and he has betrayed the nationalist movement.

He chose to follow Dowson and the money instead of staying the course.

Everyone who was in the senior ranks at the time of Goldings appointment as National Communications Officer knew he was appointed just for one reason - as a way for Dowson to consolidate his power base at the top of the party.

EVERY BNP OFFICER - and I mean EVERY BNP officer - saw Dowson take control of virtually every facet of the party and turn it from a political party into a money making sheme, and every officer was sickened by it.

For Golding and Dowson to attack Griffin, Harrington and Jefferson for nepotism is hypocrisy of the highest order.

The BNP was run by Dowson on the basis of 'If you abse yourself before me you will get on, if you dont you will get expelled or lose your job' - and that is why Golding was given his job, as he was Dowsons primary arse licking lickspittle.

The person who was told by Griffin he would get the job as National Communications Officer was Arthur Kemp - and because he was not in Dowsons pocket, instead the job was given to Golding.

Arthur only knew he was not going to be given the job when Golding was given it.

The moment the news went out about Goldings appointment, people didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

His role as National Communications Officer involved him drafting up the endless, pathetic, cringe making 'please give me money' e mail sponging requests that were fired off from the BNP every other hour - and of course Golding and Dowson each got a nice slice of the commission each time some BNP member responded and coughed up some cash.

As a result of those mails, the party became a laughing stock.

Golding is a parasite, a man who goes where he thinks he can get the most for himself -hence he has left the sinking ship of the BNP like the rat he is and joined Dowson as part of his latest money making scams.

No doubt we will soon see the Reverend Golding alongside the 'Reverend Dowson' rattling his tin in the street for donations to set up another 'charity' for victims of abortion to buy another villa in Spain.

As for those who 'admire' Golding and his 'work' in the BNP - it would be wise for those who have NEVER been at the senior level of the BNP, who never saw for themselves what happened in the senior levels of the BNP, who never on a day to day basis had to battle with Dowson and Golding to save the soul of the party and who never experienced for themselves the reality of the BNP at that time just to shut up.

Theres nothing more tragic or pathetic than someone who pretends they know something when they dont, and who then bases their opinions on the crass, bullshit propaganda of a parasite who can only mutter 'mea culpa' as he flees the BNP with the money he looted from it whilst leaving his constituents, his fellow BNP members and the party in the lurch.

Thats not a nationalist.

Thats an inner enemy.

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Anonymous said...

lee while i think your current psudo `nationalist` ideology is pure ignorance incarnate, i do think you have hit the nail on the head here regarding the betrayal of other party supporters and his constituancy.