Sunday 20 March 2011

Libya and Regime Change in the UK

What we are witnessing in Libya is the latest Oil Grab of the Neo-Imperialist New World Order disguised as 'Gun Boat Humanitarianism'.

The attacks on Libya are attacks on a sovereign nation state.

They are war crimes.

The 'rebels' in Libya are not 'rebels' they are Al Qaeda terrorists who are seeking to remove Gadaffi and impose an Islamist government in Libya and then use the Libyan oil as a weapon of assymetric warfare against the West.

The fact that only a few months ago Cameron eviscerated our armed forces with his defence cuts, and now the fool wants the RAF to fight two wars at once in Libya and Afghanistan, proves he is a puppet doing as he is told by the US Military-Industrial Block.

These are the actions of either a maniac or a fool.

Our armed services have been denied money and funds by this corrupt government so the bankers that fund the Tory Party can carry on pouring our stolen tax payers wealth into the Tory Party to get it elected aty the next election.

As for the attacks on Libya to stop 'foreign mercenaries' attacking the Libyan people, its a pity the US didnt stop the 'foreign mercenaries' from Blackwater and other private security companies from slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people when they were allowed to rampage outside the law in Iraq.

A mercenary is only a mercenary it seems when they are not working for the US government.

This is simply a war for oil.

Note that Obama did not assist this 'war' as only BP and British oil companies are in Libya, if they had been US oil companies the marines would have been in Libya weeks ago.

Now Obama has revealed the truth about him being a crypto-Muslim, note that he is fighting to defend Al Qaeda in Libya, not fighting against them.

The corporate media are drumming the wars whilst the British public are seeing through the lies.

Even on the Daily Mial comments section, the readers are attacking this oil grab.

The British people have woken up.

They see Cameron for what he is - A PUPPET OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER - and now they are demanding not regime change in Libya, but regime change in Britain.

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Anonymous said...

Checkout the video in the last paragraph re bunkers.
Russia spending billions on re-arming.

What worries Russia now is the British plan to make the Middle East an “Arc of Crisis” , presented by the Jewish historian, Bernard Lewis, to the the Bilderberg meeting in 1979, and accepted there. The plan was to start a chain reaction in the Middle East to oust the Shah of Iran (by means of the Muslim Brotherhood); the riots were then to swap onto the Soviet Union. The forces behind this plan, which is far from dead, are still the same: the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, Brzezinski and the CIA, and here.
Prison Planet 22 Febr. 2011 “We could witness the disintegration of large and densely populated countries,” warned Russian President Medvedev, adding that religious fanatics could seize power and, “set the region on fire for decades to come.” Russia is fully aware of the fact that the protests have been hijacked and are being manipulated by the western banking elite and the US military-industrial complex. Globalists hope to steer the protests,as a vehicle through which to topple so-called rogue states that refuse to play ball with the new world order. In the short term, namely Iran, but eventually Russia and even China. “Shut down the Middle East, you shut down China and Russia, then you rule the world.