Tuesday 22 March 2011

The BNP Big Tent Theory

The perpetual pipe dream of nationalists, decade after decade, is the utopian vision of The Nationalist Big Tent, a party for all factions to join and unite around.

Yet decade after decade nationalists have destroyed this vision with their factionalism, sectarianiam and indiscipline.

I have just read the article on Eddy Butlers blog and his laudable, but impossible, plea for a BNP Big Tent with every faction re-joining the party.

His agenda is to get all those who have fallen out with Griffin, regardless of the damage they have caused the party, to unite against Griffin in order for the mythical vision of the Big Tent to materialise.

Nationalist unity in one party is impossible, but what is achievable is Nationalist Unity of Purpose, where each party agrees not to tear the other shreds, not to attack nationalists instead of attacking the enemy and not to allow sectarian hatred to get in the way of co-operation.

The BNP will not collapse.

Griffin will not allow Eddy back in, so the Reform Group needs itself to undergo a reformation - not around a figurehead outside the BNP but around one inside the BNP.

The Big Tent idea that the hatred between nationalists accrued over the years will be solved as the BNP is once again filled with all the ex-Nazis, Nazis, moderates, Tory reactionaries, Leftist Nationalists, liberal nationalists and others who have fled the party / been expelled by the party / fallen out with Griffin etc etc is frankly a recipe for chaos and constant infighting.

The idea of Nationalist Unity is the bankrupt idea of ideologically bankrupt

Nationalists only see things in terms of us and them, not long term gain from long term co-operation.

This is why so many Griffinite sock puppets spend so much time on the internet attacking new nationalists parties like the Freedom Party.

They fear anything that is not part of their little club.

The tragedy is that the BNP and Freedom Party are not antagonistic to each other, we appeal to different political demographics.

In fact we compliment each other, as by the Freedom Party becoming a home for those Cultural Nationalists as opposed to racial nationalists in the BNP - the BNP can stop trying to straddle both camps, stop appealing to neither sides and finally start to develop a coesive internal structure in order to campaign on racial nationalist issues.

This is a democracy, and racial nationalists have as much right to have a party that represents their political position as the Far Left Marxists and Communists have a right to form their own political parties in our democratic system.

The problem is that just as Nick Griffin has become synonymous with the BNP, Eddie Butler has become synonymous with his agenda of removing Griffin.

The harsh reality is that the majority of the BNP want NEITHER OF THEM IN CHARGE.

Hence the fact that the more eddy tries to run the anti-Griffin reform campaign, the more the campaign for reform within the BNP itself is marginalised.

What the BNP needs is a new start, not just a head transplant.

Eddy should use his formidable organisational skills to organise the future campaign to get a new leader elected, not just organise meetings where Griffin is the focus of complaints but the ground work to prepare for his removal is neglected.

That is why only someone like Brian Mahoney with the assistance of people like Michael Barnbrook, Andrew Brons, Chris Bev, Nick Cass and Richard Edmonds all working together can save the BNP and also save the ideology of Racial Nationalism from vanishing from the political landscape itself. Eddy should of course run the elections unit of this reformed BNP.

The BNP will not win elections espousing Racial Nationalism, or even Ethno-Nationalism, but at least it will be able to keep those memes alive in the national political environment until some point in the future when the civil war with Islamists commences and our people then develop a consciousness of being part of an ethnic community, and they will will coalesce around such memes and resist the threat of Islamism in our nation and society.

I will repeat again - the British Freedom Party has no interest in the BNP collapsing.

We do not want BNP members to join the Freedom Party and we do not want BNP members to abandon the principles of racial nationalism that are at the heart of the BNP.

What we wanted, and still do, is to create a new nationalist movement out of the non-politicised masses.

That way we do not have to have people in the Freedom Party who are so polluted with hate of each other that the party becomes like a sack of angry cats tearing great chunks of fur out of each other.

The problem with the Freedom Party was that we recruited into our ranks a few people who were unsuitable to be in both the BNP and the Freedom Party, these being reactionary bougeoise tory types who thought the Freedom Party should be a social club not a voice for the same sort of New Nationalism spreading all across Europe.

We do not intend to make that mistake again.

The Freedom Party is at the vanguard of the New Nationalism in Britain, we are not going to be a club for reactionary tories and limp wristed liberals masquerading as 'nationalists'.

We cannot take power if our party is filled with wilting, delicate flowers who seek the adoration of the enemies of our nation, folk and culture.

The reality of the situation in the BNP is that ;

1) Nick Griffin will not be removed by outside pressure

2) The party will not collapse, as the party is not a POLITICAL party anymore, it is a Ponzi scheme

3) The primary problem in the BNP is the members of the BNP. By them offering unconditional loyalty and obedience to Griffin, time after time and mistake after mistake, they have allowed him to become the unaccountable leader he has become. You get what you pay for.

4) The BNP will continue with Griffin in charge, absorbing money from nationalists and squandering it on participating in plotics and going nowhere. Instead of that money being used to build aa new nationalist social movement, civil rights movement, lobby groups and other organisations - the money will continue to be poured down the political drain.

5) The BNP cannot change its fundamental nature, as the membershp are in the grip of a pathetic Cult Of Personality psychology, hence whoever is elected to replace Griffin has to dump his Stalinist constitution ( and Tyndalls Fuhrer Prinzip constitution as well ) and create a new constitution that empowers the officers, members and officials. The problem then would be that it would expose the sectarian hatreds within the BNP, the Griffinites would cause an internal war and the party would implode again. The primary proble would be the rump of Griffinite loyalists left inside the party who would work not for the party, but for the interests of Griffin - who of course would be plotting to get the party back again under his control.

Unless Griffin resigns from the party or is expelled, then he and his cohorts would constantly undermine the new leadership.

6) The BNP as a political brand is now so synonymous with Griffin , that most neutral observers realise the party is toxic politically to the masses. The pictures of Tyndall in his Nazi uniform waving camply at the swastika flag will forever remain to undermine the roots of the party as a serious force in politics, whilst Griffins endless gaffes about the Holocaust, Gurkhas and the KKK on Question Time will remain to be used against the party in elections.

The idea of a Big Tent depends upon a strong ring master, someone who can crack the whip over the various snarling factions who are forever at each others throats.

It is Politics as a circus.

My suggestion to eddie is this - dump the reform agenda and instead start to amass funds and people to promote a candidate within the party who is prepared to stand against Griffin and who stands on a platform of dumping the present constitution and fundamental reform. Turn the Reform Group into a proto- campaign group so whoever decides to stand is capable of having a campaign group with access to funds to assist them in campaigning for leadership.

At the same time as you are raising funds, then people inside the party need to start taking court actions against Griffin.

All it would take is a member to launch an action for ;

1) Griffin to be removed as a leader for Gross Incompetence and breach of duty of care to the party as defined under the constitution re the Marmite case, legal cases against Kenny Smith and Michaela Mackenzie and the failures to have the accounts ready and done properly for the EC. The BNP constitution makes Griffin responsible for all these gaffes and therefore he will be held liable for them.

2) A member should go to court and seek to impose personal financial liability for the costs of the Marmite Case against the three people who made the decision to upload that film on the internet - Griffin, Golding and Dowson - the party unlawfully paid their costs in this case. They acted in such a way, contrary to the law, their duty to the party and the party constitution, that they are personally liable for the debts the party had to pay for the Marmite Case, and therefore their personal assets should be seized to pay the party back those costs it accrued.

This will distract Griffin and send a message to his officers that they will be held liable for their actions once a new leadership is imposed.

At the same time, my suggestion to who will be standing against Griffin is this - DO NOT ANNOUNCE YOUR CANDIDACY UNTIL THE PAPERWORK HAS GONE IN, as if you do so before then, Griffin will manufacture a reason to expel / suspend you.

Eddy needs to concentrate on getting a list of the required number of active members in the BNP who are prepared to sign the paperwork.

Eddy should ask all the people in the areas where the Reform Group is active to prepare a list of vetted members who would be prepared to sign the nomination papers, but insist they remain under the radar until the potential candidate announces they will stand - then it will be a simple matter to get the required number of signatures.

At the same time, eddy needs to start a fighting fund to raise money for the campaign and also to take legal action in the event Griffin refuses to hand over the membership lists as he did last time.

Griffin is only going to fight fair if he is forced too.

The Reform Campaign is finished.

It now needs to prepare to become a campaign group for whoever is the potential candidate.

Andrew Brons has stated he does not want to be leader.

There is only one man in the nationalist movement suitable and qualified to lead the BNP and who everyone would support - and that is Brian Mahoney.

Brian Mahoney is a true British Nationalist and with his partner Jenny Noble as treasurer, the party would finally have a competent and honest leadership.

I would suggest that the new candidate not stand as a'leader' of the BNP solely on their own, but instead they assemble a cabinet around him / her and then stand as a new leader, with a new cabinet and a new constitution.

How about either Brain Mahoney as leader or Chris Bev, Nick Cass as party manager, Eddy Butler as Elections Officer, Jenny Noble as treasurer, Richard Edmonds as cultural officer, Michael Barnbrook as Discipinary officer, Andrew Brons as party press spokesman and Martin Wingfield as party publications officer.

Any candidate that does this stands far more chance of winning, though such a victory may itself be a poisoned chalice.

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Anonymous said...

Great article lee and to the point, love it or loath it, the facts are laid bare.

Brian Mahoney is the only man with the "true" heart and conviction to lead an honest British Nationalist party.With Brian in charge, you could guarantee 2 things.


From a man who cares nothing for the money, only for his Country core principle and primary ideology


Also an excellent choice of Chris beverly , Andrew Brons and others.

gatesofvienna said...


Impressed! had never heard of this new party before reading your article.
Many folk ask me, to tell them when a Nationalist party appears that isn't the BNP.
Today is very demanding of my time, for sure though i shall be checking the above site our further later.

The vetting of all top officials is paramount.
Thatcher had a terrible time trying to De-Fabianise her own party- hence the knife in her back.
G Howe himself a Fabian.
This is a cancer within Westminster that requires very radical surgery.