Sunday 20 March 2011

Thanks to Green Arrow

I would like to thank Paul Morris for exposing his real nature on the paltalk last night.

I was glad to see that my impressions of Paul Morris were confirmed by his actions.

Now his own supporters have seen the true nature of Paul Morris.

I also note that the article which he put up on his site yesterday announcing that I would be on platalk and which stated it would have a copy of the interview, has been pulled and an attack on me and the Freedom Party by the simpleton Mick Simpkins has been put in its place that atacks me personally.

I also see that comments are not allowed unless they are approved by Morris personally.

I said that I would abide by a truce, and that the first person to break that truce was the inner enemy of nationalism.

That inner enemy has been exposed as Paul Morris himself.

As Paul Morris has broke the truce and posted this attack article on his site, then the truce with Morris is no longer operative.

I will retain the truce for all other nationalists, but as far as Paul Morris - he has been exposed as the inner enemy of nationalism and nationalists.

Now you will reap the whirlwind Morris.

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Anonymous said...

I to was surprised at Paul Morris attitude and well I am put right off. I cant see him being a force for unity or a way forward or anything really positive at this time.

''I also see that comments are not allowed unless they are approved by Morris personally.''

Yes so that disallows myself from commenting without having to subscibe. So be it. I shall use other Blogs

Extant said...

You are a real man of Honour Mr Barns, for you have kept to your word and not attacked any Nationalists.

JEWISH JOSEPH BOLINSKI/aka PAUL MORRIS / GA is not and never has been a Nationalist, he is a state paid infiltrator who try's any way he can to pull people in with a patriotic Nationalist interests and uses them to destroy and divide our people.




Green Arrow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


"Quote"- Although Green Arrow was not overtly political or religious when he was first introduced, he has over the years evolved into an outspoken and devout Liberal Marxist Communist.

Everyone should now give Bertie Bert and Mark / Corsham Crusader the opportunity to disassociate themselves from the scum above, they are decent blokes.

They are good people and are welcome back to all National groups.

Anonymous said...

I'm not being funny, but did GA really say it was ok to have sex with 14 year old Children ?

What a sick man, I must be honest though, he does look really creepy.

I was in the Pal talk room last night and listened to what you said Lee, you are the only one who is capable of leading the way in Nationalist Politics.

I also saw war sash GA posting infantile questions that only a child would ask, I just hope now that everyone have all seen what he really is.

A foul mouthed, lying, Sycophant,state infiltrator who is nothing but a bitch who has been jilted by Griffin.

A sycophant scorned is worse than a woman scorned.

Watch the filth that will be invariably be pushed out from The British Resistance gutter site this week.

He is as predictable as a child, I wont repeat that, it will make him excited.

Anonymous said...

omg, I was in the pal talk room yesterday, what a nob that morris bloke made of himself. Who the fuck does he think he is anyway.

Isnt he just a divorcie living in a caravan claiming benefits or is that someone else ?

Anonymous said...

GA also has an obsession with homosexuality. He once posted an article that sickened me and I have never visited his site since, in the article he linked to a gay site displaying images of men during their orgasm. He is in my opionion a closet homosexual. How else would he find such an appaling website unless he went looking for it? Someone that constantly attacks something is usually guilty of the very thing he is attacking

Anonymous said...

Here is a recording of the "interview" if anyone want's to hear it:

Anonymous said...

I had high hopes that the event would be a step forward. Looks like it was anything but.

Any chance of revealing what happened Lee? I'd like to see what questions you were asked.



gatesofvienna said...


There is a question that is needed to be asked.
Christopher Story FRSA made certain accusations that you should know re the BNP.
Could you e-mail then the info can be sent.
Washing dirty linin in public isn't wise.
We have enough enemies!

Veterans attending Brian Gerrish`s lecture at The Imperial Hotel Blackpool yesterday, were stunned with the facts that they, their families and the whole country is being systematically betrayed and destroyed by the political elite holding Office in the United Kingdom.

Veterans sat in a stunned silence as Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish produced the facts for an audience of ex forces veterans showing how they & their country have been betrayed by a greedy, nasty, treasonous Political Elite.

You could hear a pin drop as Lt Cdr Gerrish advised these veterans, many who had fought for Queen and country were now being betrayed by the incumbents of the Palace of Westminster. An intricate web of deceit, lies, bullying and betrayal.

Lt Cdr Gerrish showed irrefutable evidence of how the Political Elite of the UK are systematically dismantling and destroying our country.

Leaked documents from the heart of cabinet were produced and shown in graphic and uneasy detail exactly how these nasty, dangerous individuals, deep within the heavily guarded walls of the Palace of Westminster are subverting the Constitution, destroying our democracy and continuing to hand over our country to a foreign power.

gatesofvienna said...

Lt. Cdr. Gerrish stated, "This is very real, these people are very nasty, very dangerous. It is YOUR families, your children and grandchildren who will suffer."

A Veterans spokesman vowed "We will not stand back and allow our country to be destroyed from the inside. All of these guys have fought for their country. They will fight again!"

We were informed that more than one Minibus containing veterans travelling to this meeting were stopped by Police and vehicles impounded leaving all passengers stranded and unable to attend the meeting! Why are the State so concerned? Time is indeed running out for us all.

The history of our once great country appeared to be taking a very real and new path yesterday. Our MPs are - and should - be VERY concerned!

Mon, 28/02/2011

Elite multi-millionaire Socialist and Tory Chancellor George Osborne has already signed up to Behavioural Economics - another form of mental reframing of individuals and groups, specifically to achieve political economic objectives. Their theory and intent is, that once mentally retrained, we “willingly rush to pay excessive taxes”.

The danger is that we are to be trained to believe what our politicians and public sector - The State - says is right. And we will not even be aware that we have been ‘reframed’ to think so. Never mind the basics - politicians have been proved corrupt, deviant, liars - the Soviet Union would have paid in blood and gold for Cameron’s political mind-control initiative to lock people in a hive mind.

Research by the UK Column now exposes that Cameron’s Lib Con government is collaborating behind closed doors with similar sinister units in the French Government, to develop further plans and techniques to change our natural behaviour.

full story.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the Yellow Sparrow speak, he truly has exposed himself for the Twot that he is.

Well done Lee