Friday 18 March 2011

YOU IDIOT CAMERON - no fly zone = an invasion

The No Fly Zone when it was imposed on Iraq cost a billion pounds a year to impose.

We should not be involved in foreign wars - this is an INVASION of Libyan territory if a single British plane over Libyan air space.

The No Fly Zone will not work anyway - its an idiotic plan.

Gadaffi will win as he has tanks and artillery and infantry.

He doesnt need planes to bomb the rebels, ground troops can do the job just as easy.

The rebels do not have anti-tank weapons, and unless the US is going to give the Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya who are the 'rebels' anti-tank weapons ( which they did with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan) then the rebels are finished.

Yet again we see that Al CIAeda is doing the US sand Britains dirty work for them by giving the US and Britain a pretext to invade Libya and steal Libyan oil.

This is an invasion, not a no fly zone.

This is the New World Order undertaking another insane hubristic invasion of another oil rich nation.

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Anonymous said...

'insane and hubristic' spot on!

Anonymous said...

This is all about France's Sarkozys Mediterranean Union. Libya and Egypt opposed it, though not as strongly as Gaddafi. Who stated in 2008 that the real reason behind the Med Union was imperialism.
How better than to implement the Med Union by "revolutions" and so seize the North African oil and the jewel in the crown than non other than the Suez Canal.
Take out the North African leaders via Wikileaks inspired revolutions, organised on Facebook, by outside agents, send in teams of French, Mossad, CIA, MI6 agents to help organise and implement the revolutions, as was the case of SAS in Libya helped with a member of MI6 (remember the British farm maanager?)

Those North African Nationalist leaders who were opposed or dragging their feet have suddenly been overthrown by the "youth", a disorganised rag tag groups of people, who can be easily manipulated by the European leaders to accept the Med Union and so stabilise their countries. Of course bribes are to be given.

This war against Libya is nothing more than terrorism and imperialism, gun boat diplomacy. We are the real terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Lee, It's more than a no fly zone, "they" have spoken about all options to prevent the attacks on the "people".

"Martin said that a no-fly zone would begin with air strikes against Qaddafi's air defense network - likely by American cruise missiles - so that planes patrolling Libya cannot be shot down by surface-to-air missiles."

"UK forces are preparing to help enforce a no-fly zone over Libya after the UN backed "all necessary measures", short of an invasion, to protect civilians."

SAS are already on the ground, this IS an invasion as you so rightly state.

Adrian P said...

It's not an Air denial excercise, they are talking about all necessary measures, anything that hampers one side, they clearly decided to get Gadaffi.
You can bet your life there will be secret shipments being flown in, and Special forces from US and UK, all very exciting for them of course but they wont realise the bigger picture of what they are doing.
Can I recommend Nationalists remind voters to get their info from alternative sources, not the f'ing BBC, I know most of your readers do, but the general public / average voter needs to be dragged away from the BBC to get some alternative commentry on world events.

Wayne Madsen

Webster Tarpley

Max Keiser TV

Ray McGovern

John Pilger

John Pilger and Alan Hart

Extant said...

During 1976 Morris befriended and then stole £400 from Gorgina Woodward , the NF of Gwent organiser .

This was whilst she was very vulnerable, her husband died a week prior and this money was not funds of the NF, it was her life savings that she had withdrawn to burry her Husband.

This above is the single reason no one heard from him for so long, he couldnt go back to the NF, people were out for his blood.

He is not a registered voter, he did not vote for the BNP and never have.

During the last elections he would not sign and refused help to his friend John Voisy get signed nominations .
He would not even go to his count . Considering Voisy is the only friend GA has !

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1976, he was also involved with a robbery on a post office with his Father, they both were caught. His father went to prison, he was also found guilty, but because he was waited to be drafted with the Army, they kept him out of prison and he had a fine.

Lately he has gone right out on an attack on the BNP, because Griffin will not agree to pay him or stroke his ego , thus he wants to destroy it for his own personel ends and greed.

You know the rest about his personality of Hypocrisy mate, he is real scum.

Keir said...

How the hell can you people SUPPORT Gaddafi?! The man who armed and trained the IRA? The man who sponsored Lockerbie? I feel nothing but pride that Cameron, despite leading a bankrupt and broken country, is showing that there are still principles to fight for when everyone else is kowtowing towards Chinese lucre.

Anonymous said...

Being opposed to what is happening in Libya does not equate to support for Gadaffi.
Libyans have infact an high standard of living and no-where near bankrupt.
You have been duped by the cabbage patch doll Red Dave.

Watching Libya distracts from Bahrain where the Wahabbi Saudis' have invaded a sovereign nation - where is Cameron's outrage at the point blank shooting of Bahrainians?

The Fiat US dollar only survives due to it's payment in Dollars.
Bernanke will make sure eventually it will fall flat on it's face.
Prepare for hypa inflation.

the real story is not about Libya but rather about Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and the danger the color revolutions present to Anglo-American interests in the Middle East and the continued world reserve status of the US dollar.

What happens now in Libya is anyone's guess because it has served its purpose well and the delays provided the time necessary for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf council to invade tiny, insignificant Bahrain. The nation's only importance is the opportunity for use as an Iranian bridge to Saudi oil.

The small island nation produces little oil, but like the major oil producing regions of Saudi Arabia, it is home to a regional Shiite majority which could ally with Iran. Washington and London, controlled by Anglo-American elite financial interests have decreed that the color revolutions must end at the edge of the Sunni/Shiite oil producing regions.

In 2005 the CIA and MI5 were in league with the Muslim Brotherhood.
It appears their poodle has been used again to stir up Egypt-Libya etc etc.

Cameron and your pride...when Christians in Egypt 2 weeks ago were slaughtered 10 of them and their church destroyed..where was Dave?
Ethiopia 2 weeks ago 10.000 Christians had to flee their homes when muslims destroyed over 50 churches and many homes, killed a few people, where was Cameron then with his fancy talk and condemnation?

He's just another Fabian plant in a Westminster full of traitors!!!

Anonymous said...


Research- Fractional Reserve Banking.

Cameron et al allow this to's a scam and akin to Fascism!!