Saturday 12 March 2011

Gaddafi or the New World Order ?

There are few things more sickening than watching David Cameron seeking to arouse his flaccid pizzle over the fact that Gadaffi is beating a bunch of Al Qaeda rebels in LIbya.

What people need to realise is that Al Qaeda ( or Al CIAeda as they should be known) are nothing more than the Islamist terrorist wing of the CIA and the New World Order.

Wherever in the world Al Qaeda raise thei vile head, then sooner or later the US marines follow.

Gaddafi is a Libyan.

To see Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama all whining about Libya and the rights of the rebels, whilst the US vetoes a UN security council resoultion demanding Israel cease further settlement building, is hypocrisy of the finest order.

Note also no condemnation of Saudi Arabi and Yemen who at this moment are busy using military force to crush their domestic uprisings - but they are US sponsored tryannical regimes and hence their crimes are minimised and forgotten.

All Cameron cares about is that the BP oil contracts in Libya are not damaged.

The fact that the moron Hague sent in the SAS to work with the rebels has ensured that when Gaddfi gets full power back over the country, that those oil contracts will be broken.

The utter incomptence, strategic stupidity and tactical ineptness of the Lib Con Goon Squad has ensured that Britain will be frozen out future Libyan oil contracts.

Well done Cameron, you fool.

The choice for the Libyan people is clear - do you want to be ruled by the New World Order and the US oil companies, Al Qaeda and the CIA or Colonel Gaddafi - a Libyan.

When faced with such a choice, who can blame the majority of Libyans for choosing the devil they know ?

As for the media reports - all media output from the media corporations to the BBC is nothing but New World Order propaganda.

The ONLY channel worth watching is Russia Today.

Sure its Russian propaganda, but at least it offers a critique of the New World Order instead of minldless, arse licking obedience.

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alanorei said...

Most informative, Lee, thanks

I think that all this Arab volatility is going to go somewhere. I suggest let's see if it all gets channelled against Israel, as a jihadic 'final solution.'

This was Yasser Arafat's aim all along. He was arguably the most influential Arab of modern times, being allowed to address the UN as he did.

Whatever perceptions exist in the West about Jews and Israel, the Arab perception can be summed up in one word: genocide.

The UN will help it along, I think.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the West's crocodile tears for the Libyan people's want of revolution is obvious even to the rebels. The West wants to keep those lucrative oil contracts. Though what to do once Gaddafi wins? Assassination? The Hague for war crimes? Sending in Mercenaries?

At least we now know who the real terrorists are. Gaddafi, yeah he's a piece of shit but look who trained up his elite troops...The British Government, they sent in he SAS to train Gaddafi's troops, the British and French supplied him with weapons in exchange for those lucrative oil deals and freed the Lockerbie bomber. France and Britian the most vocal of Western countries have more to lose if Gaddafi wins.

Sadly, what concessions and rights will France and the UK have to give up to please Gaddafi, an open border for Africans to travel through France and the UK? Or...more disturbingly an acceptance and creation of the Euro Mediterranean Union to include Islamic countries into the EU. As pushed by France. This is one concession that Libya would propose and France and the UK agree to if they could win back favour and the Libyan oil contracts.

"Our common interest is to ensure that the development of the two shores will allow citizens of the south to live at home, on their land, in their countries, and to find there their rightful peace, freedom, work and prosperity." French Minister Juppe

Anonymous said...

Lee, press tv is miles better than russia today, hough russia today is on free view where press tv is internet live streaming.

bbc - 99.99% propaganda

russia today - 50% propaganda

press tv - 20% prpaganda.

you can watch it live here -

Anonymous said...

alanori, what tripe, first you clearly dont understand how the un works, 2nd, oh forget it, cant be bothered, learn some history from another source other than the bbc.

alanorei said...

I didn't use the BBC at all. If you think the Arab/Moslem nations aren't genocidal towards Israel, you haven't studied the current PA.

I suggest you read Middle East Diary 1917-1956 by Col. Richard Meinertzhagen before descending into vitriol.