Tuesday 15 March 2011

The New Royalty

Image - Imagine the sons of this warrior. Finally we will have some royals with the genes to become warrior kings again.

I am not an admirer of the concept of the Royal Family.

Their entire bloodline throughout recent history, from the 19th century onwards, has been comprised of aristocratic, inbred, weak, corrupted DNA.

Hence the long line of mad, weak and degenerate kings we have had since then.

Apart from the infusion of genes from Princess Diana, whose sons are a huge improvement on Charles and Andrew, the royals used to be pathetic.

Luckily the father of Zara Phillips was also from outside the aristocracy, so that is why she is so healthy and strong, compared to the majority of fops, weaklings and drug addicts that comprise most of the aristocracy today.

The best gene lines of the aristocracy died in the First World War, so all that was left to breed was the weakest amongst them, which were the useless younger brothers and other members of the families not fit enough to go to war, and this combined with the endless incestuous cousin marriages throughout the centuries has left them a cabal of idiots, parasites and degenerates.

But a New Royalty is emerging.

For the first time in history the Royal Family gene lines will have an massive infusion of strong, healthy DNA from the commoners marrying into it.

Kate Middleton and Mike Tindall are both Anglo-Saxon commoners, hence when they have children the New Royals will be a generation we can be proud of.

Princes Wlliam and Harry as the sons of Princess Diana are also examples of the genetic improvement to the blood line as a result of breeding outside the usual aristocratic circles.

Though Diana came from the aristocracy, here gene lines also contained DNA outside the aristocracy, hence why her sons are an improvement on Charles and Andrew ( who were also a huge improvment on the long line of mentally ill, congenitally diseased and weak kings of the past through the genes of their father Prince Phillip who also had a strong amount of non-aristocratic DNA. )

The New Royals will be a royal family to be proud of.

No more will we as a nation be expected to genuflect and abase ourselves before a cabal of degenerate, weak, diseased inbred idiots.

Instead we will have a Royal Family who, when this nations collapses, will offer us real leadership instead of degenerate decadence and self serving.

Finally we will a royal family of warrior kings again.

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Anonymous said...


Note the fathers name!

Anonymous said...

we will bloody need them too. When the shit really hits the fan the monarchists will be the only ones left standing against Sharia, its just about the only reason the royal spoilt bastards win my support.

Adrian Peirson said...

You'd think wouldn't you that people of the stature of our Royal Family and Our Generals might look at the choice before them which is.
Either let the New World Order continue destroying the West and the World in General,


Do something heroic and make a stand, kick the door in on no 10 , seize the BBC and tell the public what is really going on and they are making a stand and ask the public to support them.

At least go down fighting.

extant said...

Well actually the only one thats any good is Harry, and rhats only because James Hewit is his father.

Prince William is a fkn retard like his father.