Tuesday 15 March 2011

RIP Kriss Donald


Today, 15th March, is the aniversary of the most brutal racist murder in British history.

On 15 March 2004, fifteen year old schoolboy Kriss Donald, was walking down a Glasgow street.

When he was attacked and bundled into a car by five Muslim men, led by Imran Shahid.

Kriss was taken on a 200 mile journey to Dundee and back by his Muslim attackers.
During the journey the Muslim gang subjected him to shocking torture.
His eyes were poked out, and his gentials were cut off.

The Muslim gang, finally took Kriss to Celtic's football training ground.

Where they held him down by his arms, and stabbed him thirteen times.

At this stage Kriss was still alive.

The Muslim gang then doused Kriss in petrol and set him on fire and left him to die.
Kriss is believed to have crawled a few yards after the Muslim gang had gone, before dying.

The Muslims then fled to Pakistan, flying from Manchester airport, believed to have been helped by members of Glasgow's Muslim community.

They were returned to the UK from Pakistan, despite that government figures were at times alleged to have been reluctant to pursue the case for the return of the men, for diplomatic reasons.

On 8 November 2006, three men were found guilty of the racially motivated murder of Kriss Donald. All three had denied the charge; however, a jury at the High Court in Edinburgh convicted them of abduction and murder. Each of the killers received sentences of life imprisonment, with Imran Shahid given a 25-year minimum term, Zeeshan Shahid a 23-year minimum and Mushtaq receiving a recommended minimum of 22 years.

Far as I know, most child killers get much longer than they got.

The case was mostly ignored by the media.

At the time of the murder, Peter Fahy, spokesman of race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers noted that the media as a whole tended to under report the racist murders of white people, noting:

"it was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested where murder victims were young white men''.

No surprise that the race relations industry ignored Kriss's killing as well.
With Kriss obviously being the wrong colour, white.

For example, how many articles have Lancaster Unity done on the murder?

People such as Ketlan, Garside, the Gables, and other low life types will say nothing, because Kriss was the 'wrong' sort of racist victim, white.

The contrast is striking between the case of Steven Lawrence, who was murdered in Welling, South London, by person or persons unknown.

The media have declared, without evidence, witnesses, or convictions, that Stephen Lawrence was murdered by 'racists', they have turned his murder into a "guiltfest" for their white middle class friends.

As for kriss Donald, silence.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks Lee for remember Kriss. R.I.P

I find it reprehensible that people have allowed our Country to become what it is to day.

Defender of Liberty said...

We will never forget what happened to Kriss.

When the time comes we will ensure he gets justice and that his killers are hanged.

RIP Kriss

alanorei said...

Re: Hanging Kriss's murderers

Amen to that.