Saturday 3 July 2010

Colonisation and the Death of Britain

Colonisation is killing Britain.

We are losing our own cultures and replacing them with colonisation.

Why Cockney Could Disappear From East End

A study claims the Cockney accent could disappear from the East End within the next thirty years.

It may have be spoken in London for more than 500 years -lingusts at Lancaster University believe it's moving further East.

They say instead an accent called 'Jafaican' - a mix of Cockney, Bangladeshi and West Indian could become common.

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lormarie said...

Wow, another term with an American counterpart only with a different meaning. A Jafaican describes a black American (usually an entertainer) who captalizes off of the Jamaican accent. He/she however has no "invested interest" in the culture. This happens a lot in hip hop.

Whatever the case, I don't know too much about cockney. Isn't it a characteristic of the "lower classes." If so, that could be the reason why it's on its way out. As people become more educated, speech becomes more advanced. In a few years, Jafaican might disappear.

Anonymous said...

Britian is full of 'lower classes' Lormarie, that, has nothing to do with cockney disappearing. Its all to do with the sheer influx of other nationalities that are flocking to this country!! people with no brains think its cool to talk like a asian or black 'gangsta'.
They need to wake up abd realise they are a laughing stock.
I fear for the youth in this country especially a lot of the 'lower classes' they have no idea what theyve become..