Sunday 18 July 2010

Dont Ban The Burkha

I do not want the Burkha and Hijab banned.

I want them worn out on our streets so that we can see for ourselves the full extent and growth of Islam in Britain.

The women who wear the Burkhas and Hijabs are usually Islamists, or in relationships with Islamists of one sect or other, and they wear the garments as sign of their individual, social, political and religious devotion to the ideologies and religious texts of those fundamentalist Islamist sects.

The form of interpretation they support encompasses a political consciousness of Islam that requires Sharia Law be adopted not just by Muslims, but also non Muslims under Dhimmitude.

This is why such Islamists demand separate Sharia Law courts in the UK as they see Islam as a body of law that supersedes the established historical and common law of Britain.

Therefore they are either making a political statement when they wear the Burkha or because, as some enlightened feminsists understand, they are forced too by husbands, families and cultural traditions that are not British.

The burkha is a statement of separation.

The same thing is seen in males who wear the garments of the Indian Sub-Continent from where they came or to demonstrate to whom and what they have loyalty - this being their individual ethnic groups and their particular version of Islam.

They are clothes designed to affirm separation from the concepts of class, community, nation and society and to affirm loyalty to an ethnicity or a religion.

The more people see the Burkha and the Hijab on the streets, the more the colonisation of our country is revealed.

For what is it but colonisation when a section of the community does not integrate but instead retains their indigenous culture and religion and seeks to impose and expand it upon the territory of another nation.

The laws that seek to drive the Burkha and Hijab in doors are designed by liberals to hide the colonisation and Islamisation of our nations.

It was the major strategic mistake of Osama Bin Laden to target the Twin Towers.

By doing so he revealed himself and his network to the world and invited attack.

If the Islamists had undertaken an Islamist variant of Gramscianism and undertook a 'short and well funded march into the institutions' via utilising political correctness, affirmative action, setting up legal, media and race relations lobby groups with oil money, buying up sections of the corporate media and screaming racism and islamaphobia at weak, white liberals - then they would running the West right now.

There is a saying ' Send me the Wolf, Rather then the Fox'

This means that it is better to see a problem occurring, than ignore it and let it grow to the point of it being a problem.

The growth of radical Islam, Islamist terrorism, Islamist support in various communities, colonisation, the growth of sharia law and alternative money networks, heroin production and the importation of heroin into the United Kingdom, targeting of young white children by gangs of organised paedophiles are all issues of public concern.

If the Hijab and Burkha were hidden away, then the neccesity to confront those issues politically can be hidden away.

The more people see the extent of colonisation, the faster the psychological and political tipping point in the consciousness of the masses will occur.

We must allow our people to understand the true nature of our society.

They must confront that which they seek to deny.

The banning of the Burkha will merely allow people to pretend there is no problem in our society via such issues above.

Until the point when the tipping point occurs, then the more our people must be forced to confront the reality of the society they have created, either via their direct support or via their apathy.

Once the tipping point occurs, and they are finally forced to confront reality, then we will awaken them and allow them to join our ranks.

For have we all not at some time, been one of the sleeping millions.

The more that our society becomes colonised, the faster the sleeping masses will wake up.

They must realise this for themselves.

Anything that makes that realisation either conscious, or conscious quicker, has to be supported.

At least until we are in power and in a position to deal with the problem as we see fit, and in accord with our Nationalist Principles.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I was Awakened or at least 'quickened' by connecting with the BNP

Will Mossop said...

Quite right Lee.
And the comments by Green and Spellman today also confirm the Tories separation from public opinion
It is "un British" to ban the Burka and Hijab they say but clearly in the eyes of Cameron's wimps it is not "un British" to wear them.
Surely at least some people see the way the Tories yet again highlighted their hypocrisy. Sadly not enough.

Anonymous said...

Lee, i see that Yogi Dewan of Hassium Asset Management is warning of another sub-prime crisis.
Subprime mark 2 he is calling it.I hope that all Nationalists could Goggle him and pass on.
Our members and supporters should be made aware that house prices could slump in the near future. Buying a house now would be a very stupid thing to do.

British is Best said...

Why would any self respecting British Nationalist believe anything said by some non-entity with a name like Yogi (bear) Dewan?

Your letting the side down...

Anti-Globalist said...

We do indeed benefit when our people have the colonisation rubbed in their noses and of course integration is only something our racial enemies could wish upon us. Separation is the only way to maintain our racial diversity.

ic1male said...

Not supporting a ban on the burka, means being outmanouvered by UKIP, imo.