Sunday 25 July 2010

Fuck the Poor and Disabled

Here we see the scum that run this country saying 'fuck you' to poor and disabled British people.

The poor and disabled have their benefits cut whilst the parasites have access to free swimming and gym use.


You are as much a traitor to our people as the scum that impose the policies.

Newcastle pool card holders can use

Saturday July 24,2010
By Mark Blacklock

ASYLUM seekers seeking permission to stay in Britain are being offered free swimming pool or gym sessions while they wait, it emerged yesterday.

More than 250 people from other countries have so far made use of a special card that gets them into council leisure facilities that residents – and even pensioners – have to pay to use.

Britons wanting to join the scheme – operating in Newcastle – can expect to pay up to £180 a year for the city council’s Leisure Plus card.

But 256 of the city’s 480 asylum seekers have taken up the offer of a free card, at a cost to council taxpayers of £7,000.

Bureaucrats regard the scheme as so successful it may be copied by other local authorities around the country.

Your Homes Newcastle, responsible for housing the applicants, says the scheme prevents users from feeling isolated in a strange country, and encourages them to become part of the community in which they are living.

But TaxPayers’ Alliance spokeswoman Emma Boon said: “Offering one group of people a particular service for free, whilst others, including pensioners, are paying is likely to create divisions in the local community.”

Applicants must be able to prove their asylum seeker status to qualify for the card, which is valid for six months and includes free use of Newcastle’s state-of-the-art Centre for Sport complex.

Steve Murphy, chair of Your Homes Newcastle, said: “We believe the scheme has real economic and social benefits.

“It helps to integrate asylum seekers. This makes Newcastle a more vibrant and diverse place.SDRq

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Anonymous said...

The question you have to ask Lee is where " Steve Murphy " the chair of Your Homes and presumably of anglo-celtic extraction gets his views and opinions? He probably lives with the mrs at home and would hate to see one of these asylum families living next to him but yet he spouts Marxist drivel on diversity. It is because his external opinions mirror the culture and values of the "establishment" . Now where do these alien values come from? Frankfurt school, US world dominance, multiculturalism etc. when will it end? Probably in the next 50 years when the US falls.

Anonymous said...

"when will it end? Probably in the next 50 years when the US falls."

That will be in the next 5-15 if things go to the NWO plan and that is not where it ends, that is when it truly begins, this is a global tyranny that has to destroy all superpowers once world political control has been established, they also intend to wipe out 80% of mankind as we will be surplus to their needs and will otherwise use up `their` resources.

The rest will be direct slaves, who those remaining will be I am not sure, on one habd they will need intellectual brilliance for their scientific projects and on the other braindead slaves.

The brainwashed slave majority of what remains will clearly not be able to have an identity or a history, so they will be seeking to mongrelise this group - seems they have already started.

Anonymous said...

Paranoid? Check.
Bitter? Check.
Using The Express as a source? Check.

You're a dick, mate.

Anon - we don't forgive, we don't forget.