Tuesday 13 July 2010

Mel Gibson, Chris Rock, The Nazis and the 'Niggers'

Why is it Mel Gibson is called a racist for saying that a white woman who dresses like a slut would be raped by a 'gang of niggers' if she went into the city, but Chris Rock isnt called a racist when he says that there is a difference between blacks and niggers ?

Just as there is a difference between Islamists and Muslims, Jews and Zionists and Whites and Nazis there exists a difference between black people and 'niggers' according to Chris Rock.

Watch Chris Rock explain the difference between a black person and a 'nigger' ;


The fact is that Mel Gibson is right according to the FBI crime statistics, in that a white woman who enters a majority black area of any American city is at proportionately greater risk from being raped by black males then from white males, but the statistics reveal that black women are at ZERO risk of rape from white males.

Whilst a white women who walks at night in Compton in Los Angeles is at real risk of being raped by black males, a black woman walking at night in Nebraska is at zero risk of being raped by white males.

Any black male that rapes a white woman, is according to Chris Rock a 'nigger' as they are a criminal and a rapist, so therefore Mel Gibson is right according to the logic of Chris Rocks position.

A black rapist that rapes a white woman is a criminal, therefore according to Chris Rock they are a 'nigger'.

Isnt this racist to say Mel Gibson is a racist, but Chris Rock isnt ?

If whites cannot say what blacks say - then that is clearly a racist double standard at work.

The fact is that in America black males statistically select and target white women for rape in a way that proves they are motivated by racism, whilst white men do not target or select black women for rape at all, thereby proving that race hatred is behind most if not all of the rapes by black males in America against white women.

But not one case of black on white rape is regarded as racist.

In 2005 the crime figures from the FBI reveal that the 111,490 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white.

In other words not one white man raped a black women in the whole of the United States in 2005, but that in the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

The black population is 12.4 % of the American population, so if we exclude women, and homosexuals amongst the black community it reveals that around black males are around 4-5 % of the US population but they commit 33.6 % of the rapes against white women.

That is a truly shocking statistic.

The same racial hatred in relation to prison rapes of white males by black inmates in US prisons is also seen, as white inmates are routinely targeted by blacks for rapes - but yet again the government do not treat these attacks as racist.

Note also how when a white person calls a black criminal, such as a gang banging scumbag a 'nigger' during a robbery when they are robbed in America, this is then used to lower the sentence of the black criminal as an 'racially aggravating factor' in any court case - but the fact is that calling a black gang banging criminal a 'nigger' is not a racist name but relates to their self designated life style choice.

Black gangsters call themselves 'niggers' on rap songs, in MTV videos and movies as being a 'nigger' relates to the gangster / bling / criminal lifestyle and culture.

It is this gangster lifestyle that Chris Rock despises and defines as 'niggers' those who are involved in it.

Just as Neo-Nazis call themselves Nazis when they meet as a way to define their lifestyle and outlaw and criminal identity, criminal blacks call themselves niggers as a way to define their lifestyle and outlaw and criminal identity.

But when a black person calls a non-Nazi white person a 'nazi' this is not regarded as a racist crime, but when a white person calls a black gang banger, criminal or convicted criminal thug a 'nigger' this is always considered a race crime.

This is an idiotic and legally untenable racist double standard.

Calling a law abiding black person a nigger is a racist, despicable and disgusting thing to do, the same as calling a White person who doesnt hate other races a 'cracker', 'nazi', 'racist', 'honky' or 'whitey' is also a racist, despicable and disgusting thing to do, but calling a black criminal a 'nigger' relates to their life style choice, criminal culture and criminality and not their race according to both Chris Rock and simple logic.

Note how that the courts do not regard blacks or other ethnic groups calling white people 'nazis' as a racially aggravating factor in a criminal offence, but they do regard calling any black person, including even convicted criminals, a 'nigger' as a criminal act.

This is yet again another racist double standard applied against whites by the criminal justice system.

The problem is that white liberals are idiots.

They have self appointed themselves as the 'defenders' of black people as they are racists themselves and see blacks as intellectually inferior and hence in need of white liberal patrionising assistance and help.

Therefore they have allowed themselves to become apologists for black criminality and attack whites who dare speak the truth such as Mel Gibson, whilst remaining silent about blacks who say the same thing such as Chris Rock.

To call a white person a 'Nazi' who is not a nazi is a far more racist, insulting and demeaning insult than calling someone black a 'nigger'.

Yet it is the common currency of the media and the left, who call anyone White they disagree with a Nazi.

The term nigger relates to an individual being dehumanised as a slave and a commodity and therefore powerless.

It demeans them but does not imply they are evil, it implies they are powerless victims.

The term 'nigger' is a word that relates to a 'victim' terminology and status of blacks in a historical white dominated racist society. Blacks were called 'niggers' in those societies and that is rightfully regarded as a crime against our common humanity.

But to be called a Nazi is to be labelled a perpetrator of crimes against humanity.

To be called a Nazi is not just racist (as it applies only to those who are white) but also implies the individual so defamed as a Nazi are directly responsible or supportive of the murder of millions of people in the Nazi death camps.

To be called a 'Nazi' dehumanises the individual and also implies they are guilty of murder, genocide, the murder of millions and the gassing of Jews.

It is the worst insult that a white person, who is not a nazi, can be called.

To be called a Nazi implies the individual is guilty of crimes against humanity.

Whilst the term 'Nigger' demeans on the grounds of race and also implies a victim status, the term Nazi demeans on the term of race and also implies that the individual is guilty of the crimes of the Nazis.

Therefore in simply moral terms, calling a white person a nazi is not just racist it implies they are inherently evil.

Any society that refuses to prosecute ethnic minorities when they call innocent white people 'Nazis', but that criminalises whites when they use the word 'nigger', is a racist society against whites.

Yet the police and courts do not define calling someone white a 'nazi' as racist terminology, and thereby prove that the police and courts are institutionally biased against whites and white victims of racism.

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Russia Truth said...

Crusade Against Mel Gibson Stamped, Sealed and Delivered by the New World Order

Rijker said...

Gobby Gaunt loses Nazi challenge -


Rijker said...

Gobby Gaunt -


Defender of Liberty said...

Gaunt lost his job as he made a series of allegations and vile abuse, but if her had called a BNP member a Nazi he would not have been sacked.

Even if that BNP member had been a veteran of D-Day, a former soldier who fought the nazis - he would not have been sacked for calling them a nazi.

Thats the racist double standard.

And thats why the next time I am called a Nazi by a journalist, I am going to give them a slap.

Rijker said...

I like your style, Lee, and really that's a good idea. In fact I think any nationalist, BNP spokesman or representative faced with this "nazi" shit should do the same. It would certainly make the point and generate publicity.
Give 'em a slap for me too mate.

Defender of Liberty said...

I will mate

extant said...

As you know mate, my Son was removed from a £9000 a year private school because I simply said that I will report the deputy head of racism against my white Christian son,which I did. The same as what you explain above, we are not the Racists, the scum proper Racist slime who believe they are of an Authority are.
They do really make my skin crawl.

The figures you quote above are not a problem, they are an absolute epidemic that the scum to be, refuse to acknowledge, making them real life traitors,RACISTS and criminals in every sense.
We should tactfully get this message out constantly, you have done an excellent job of it above. I would like to see much more of it in pure simple terms on everyone's blog, including the BNP site. Stuff it down their throats ,let them fkn choke on it.

This is an incredibly important issue that we need to exploit to the Maximum level.

Lets try our very best to show people who really are Racists !!

Blog's. utube, the lot.

A call for action NOW , we have a plan , we are going to use it and we are going to expose them all..

I'm not fkn around mate, can you hear my trumpet, its War.


Anonymous said...

I read the article about Chris Rock's definition about African AMERICANS(NOTICE THE EMPHASIS ON AMERICAN).You my friend and this entire site are a bunch of backwater rednecks probably in suits or overalls.The differnce between blacks and niggers is that only a house nigger would make that kind of a statement.While us po' field niggas suffer the consequences.Thanks Chris Rock for givin these no good crackers something to laugh about.As for that picture of a drug running,slave owning thanks for ruining this country picture you have posted on the same page.I think its very amusing that you whites were and still are the first and biggest drug dealers out there,check your history books.Youv'e been fighting over Afghanistan for more than a thousand years.Give up already!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved Chris Rock in death at a funeral - better than the original http://4rd.ca/aaaaxn