Wednesday 14 July 2010

A Message From Ming - The BDF Forum and an Imposter

Image - Me going 'GGRRRRR'. Dont mess with Barnes The Merciless.

" I vill kill all ze sock puppets when I find zem ! Bevare youze sock puppet scum, Barnes the Merciless vill hunt you down and slowly pick you apart you until you are just a pile of pathetic cotton or acrylic nylon threads - BEVARE SOCK PUPPET SCUM ! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA "

Image - the poster on the BDF Forum who pretended to be me. I vill find you one day youze sock puppet scum !

It appears that the dirty tricks have entered a new phase with people posting fake statements from me on the British Democracy Forum.

The fact is that if it aint on this blog, it aint me.

I have only made one statement on this leadership election and that relates to my utter disgust how the sock puppets of either side are using smears, attack blogs and lies to attack each other and both Nick, Eddie and their support teams.

I had hoped that this leadership challenge would be a positive thing for the party, especially as Nick has already stated he will retire in two years time and therefore we need to start an internal debate right now on who a new leader could be, what their policies would be and who they will be appointing to positions in the party.

Instead we have witnessed a vile bout of infighting which has only benefited our enemies and undermined us as a party and as a Nationalist Movement.

I have seen some truly disgusting comments being thrown about at long standing and well respected party members such as Richard Edmonds and others which were totally uncalled for.

The fact that such sock puppets always hide behind a false name means not only are they the enemies of the BNP and British Nationalism as a movement, they are also gutless cowards.

The First Rule of Nationalism is that those who aid the enemy, are the enemy - and those who have been posting information, slanders, lies and causing factionalism are the inner enemy.

The fact is that within two years we have to have a new leader.

That means the party must start a serious debate right now on that issue and potential candidates start to put themselves forward and declare their policies, tactics and strategy for the future.

That opportunity has been damaged and squandered by the pathetic way this leadership challenge has descended into factionalism, hatred and abuse due to the actions of anonymous sock puppets on various forums.

The left and searchlight must be laughing their bollocks off at us.

I dont like the fact that the left and searchlight are laughing their bollocks off at us.

So therefore - if you aid the enemy, you are the enemy.


Barnes The Merciless.


Grrrrrrr !

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Anonymous said...

It will probably be a far leftists scumbag trying to stir some s*** up mate.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right Lee, it was good to read Simon Bennett's comments about you. Dear, Dear, those pathetic twats on Nationalists Online wont like that, Simon Bennett their 'new confident'(or so they think) actually likes you and says you are a good bloke,
Ha Ha Ha

Phil said...

I have no interest in what the reds say or do, but true nationalists need to understand just what they're doing when they engage in factionalism.

We can all have a fiery debate, but every step back is an indirect attack on my children. We must move forwards.

Say something constructive or shut up is my addition to this debate.

Good words as usual Lee.

Anonymous said...

Sock it to em kid!

British interests are all the BNP need be about, nothing more nothing less.

If the membership turns on its own, for any other interest, its finished.

Not worth reviving, as something that turned on you once should be left to die.

Has the party turned on Nationalists, in the interests of others is all that needs asking.

extant said...

Lord Barns The Merciless, pmsl, great stuff mate :O)

On a more serious note, a few Bloggers really know how to bring us down.You will remember my discontent when they first started doing it, it makes me almost asheamed of being part of the team.

United we must stand, let the gutter press do their usual, dont make their Job easier !


Simon Bennett said...

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear, those pathetic twats on Nationalists Online wont like that, Simon Bennett their 'new confident'(or so they think) actually likes you and says you are a good bloke, Ha Ha Ha

Simon Says...

Anonymous, you are one of these gutless cunts. Now do fuck off, HaHaHa

Anonymous said...

Good points Lee.

One point of clarification Nick said he will stand down in 2014 what he calls the 'Deadline'

If Nick was going to stand down in two years I doubt we would discussing this now.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Tea Party activists fund sign linking Obama to Hitler

extant said...

Bertie Bert-

and Sarah Palin says at the end of the link-

"The charge that Tea Party Americans judge people by the colour of their skin is false, appalling, and is a regressive and diversionary tactic to change the subject at hand," Mrs Palin wrote.

I want a Plain Milf in more ways than one :O)


Anonymous said...

Palin is a mystery, in some ways she comes accross as NWO and in others not, seems she is courting the growing discontent crowd making the right noises while perhaps hiding the dagger she holds behind her back.

Much as New Labour are trying to be the working cklass party again, who as soon as they come to power will continue the destruction.

such as it has been for the last 6 or so years or more.

forget a mainstreme politician coming good, now if the media start to attack Palin, then you know she might have turned, otherwise forget it, if you want know who can save you, look to who the press demonise the most, it is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

It seems the far left have infiltrated the british democracy forum and spreading vicious lies about the party and misleading information regarding "internal party issues"

I wouldnt be suprised if the party now starts taking legal action against these far left scum.